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English is an international language as well as competitive subject too. English Literature enriched world literature. At the same time it communication the world people and nations through its growing popularity around the world. The language English rapidly has become world international language through its simplicity, flexibility and versatility. In the world and also in India English language has taken a big role in competitive exams like TOEFL, UPSC, PSC, SSC etc. Here we will discuss all about English language and grammar for communicative approach as well as for different competitive examinations. We will start from ABC of English and everyday will discuss new lessons with our Viewers. Chapter wise analysis and tests will make you stronger and build up you as a smart fluent intellectual English speaker viewers will also get different information and question answer keys of different competitive exams in India and around the world. So stay with us two hours a day and follow us daily you are safe at English zone with our experts and updated sharing’s.

Letters (Vowels & consonants)

♦ Articles & Prepositions (Uses)

→ Practice set for Articles & Prepositions – Set 1

→Prepositional Phrasal Verbs – Set 2

→Common errors relating to articles and Prepositions (Correct the underlined error) – Set 3

→Fill in the blanks with articles and prepositions – Set 4

→Prepositional Phrasal Verbs – Set 5

→Fill the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions Set 6

→Prepositional Phrasal Verbs – Set 7

→ Practice set for Articles & Prepositions – Set 8

→ Practice set for  Prepositions – Set 9

♦ Persons, Number, Gender

♦ Parts of Speech

→Different Forms of (Noun, Verb, adjective forms) words – Set 1

♦ Tense

→Identify the Tense. Set 1

♦ Sentence & Clause

→Sentence and Clause – Set 1

♦ Clause & Joining – Splitting

♦ Voice

→Voice Change- Set 1

♦ Narration (Indirect & Direct Speech)

♦ Degree

♦ Synonym-Antonym -Homonym (Vocabulary)

→Vocabulary: Synonyms and Antonyms- Set 1

→Homonyms for competitive exams Vocabulary – Set 2

→Vocabulary: Synonyms – Set 3

→Vocabulary: Synonyms – Set 4

→Vocabulary: Synonyms – Set 5

→Vocabulary: Synonyms – Set 6

→Vocabulary: Synonyms – Set 7

→Vocabulary: Synonyms – Set 8

♦ Phrasal Verbs

♦ Idioms & Phrases

♦ Application, letter (Formal-Informal), Story Paragraph, Advertisement, Report, Notice etc.)

♦Prepositional Vocabulary

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 1

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 2

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 3

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 4

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 5

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 6

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 7

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 8

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 9

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 10

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 12

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 13

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 14

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 15

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 16

→Prepositional Vocabulary Set 16

♦Miscellaneous Aptitude

→Miscellaneous Aptitude Set 1

Correct the error

Correct the error- Set 1