Practice set for Articles & Prepositions – Set 8

Practice set for Articles & Prepositions – Set 8

18 X 1 = 18

Questions related to articles and prepositions which play very important role in every English exam all over the country.

Child sexual abuse laws __1___ India have been enacted as part ___2__ the nation’s child protection policies. The Parliament__3__India passed the ‘Protection __4__Children Against Sexual Offences Bill, 2011′ regarding child sexual abuse _5__ 22 May 2012 into Act. The rules formulated__6__ the government __7__ accordance with the law have also been notified ___8___the November 2012 and___9__ law has become ready for implementation. Fifty three percent ___10__children __11__ India face some form __12___ child sexual abuse. There have been many calls for more stringent laws.

It defines a child as a person under age _13__ 18 years. It encompasses the biological age __14__ the child and silent __15__the mental age considerations. A recent case __16__SC has been filed where a women of biological age 38 yrs but mental age 6 yrs was raped. The victim’s advocate argues that “failure to consider the mental age will be an attack on the very purpose of act.” SC has reserved the case for judgement and is determined __17__ interpret whether the 2012 act encompasses the mental age or whether only biological age is inclusive__18__ the definition.

-Paragraph Came From Wikipedia


1. In
2. Of
3. Of
5. On
7. In
8. On
9. The
10. Of
11. In
12. Of
13. Of
14. Of
15. On
16. In
17. To
18. 19