Prepositional Vocabulary Set 10

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 10

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with P

Pack in: give up; abandon.

Pack into: be able to be put into container.

Pack off: send away.

Pack up: stop doing; give up.

Pack with: fill; cram or crowd.

Pair off: form a pair or pairs.

Pally with: friendly.

Palm off: persuade to accept.

Pander to: try to satisfy.

Parallel to: having relationship with another.

Pardon for: forgive or excuse.

Part from: separate or go away.

Partake of: eat or drink a part.

Participant in: person or group of people who participate.

Partnership with: state of being a partner or partners.

Pass for: be accepted as somebody.

Pass on: pronounce or utter.

Pass over: not consider for promotion.

Passion for: enthusiasm or strong liking.

Patch up: settle or resolve.

Pause in: temporary stop in action or speech.

Pay for: suffer or be punished.

Pay up: pay full amount owed for.

Peek at: strike with beak.

Peep at: look quickly and slyly.

Pep up: stimulate; make more lovely.

Perk up: become more lively, cheerful or vigorous.

Persevere with/at/in: continue trying to do.

Persuade into: cause somebody to do something.

Pertinent to: relevant; to the point.

Pester for: annoy or disturb.

Pester with: annoy or disturb.

Pick off: shoot after aiming carefully.

Pick on: choose somebody for blame, punishment or criticism.

Pick up: improve.

Pile up: form pile.

Pilfer from: steal in small quantities.

Pin down: make unable to move.

Pinch from: steal.

Pinch off: remove.

Pine for: long for.

Pipe down: stop talking.

Piss off: annoy somebody.

Pitch into: eat with good appetite.

Plague with: annoy.

Plant in: fix or establish.

Play about/around: search.

Ponce about/around: in time-wasting way.

Poorly off: having very little money.

Pop in/into: put or take something quickly or suddenly.

Possibility of: state of being possible.

Post to: appoint to a job.

Post up: display.

Postpone to: defer.

Postscript to: extra message added at the end of a letter.

Potter about/around: move in leisurely way.

Potty about: extremely enthusiastic.

Precede with: say something before soothing.

Precedence over: right to come before somebody/something.

Preclude from: prevent; make impossible.

Preface with: begin or introduce.

Preferable to: more suitable or desirable.

Preference for: liking.

Present at: being in the place in question.

Pride in: feeling of pleasure or satisfaction.

Privy to: sharing in the secret of something.

Probe into: investigate or examine closely.

Proceed with: begin or continue.

Prod into: urge.

Prodigal of: generous with something.

Proficient in/at: able to do in an expert way.

Prop up: use prop or props to prevent falling.

Prophetic of: containing prediction.

Proud of: feeling or showing pride.

Provoke into: cause somebody. to react.

Prowl about/ around: move quietly and cautiously.

Pry into: inquire very curiously about other people’s private affairs.

Pull at/on: act of pulling; tug.

Pull down: leave somebody in weak condition.

Pull in: attract supporter, etc.

Pull over: move or steer to one side.

Pulse through: throb.

Pump into: invest much money. Put about: spread or circulate

Put about: spread or circulate.

Puzzle over: think deeply to understand.

Words beginning with Q

Quail at: flinch; feel or show fear.

Qualify as/for: equip somebody by qualities, training, etc.

Quarrel with: angry argument.

Quest for: act of seeking; search; pursuit.

Queue up: wait in queue.

Quibble about: argue about small differences.

Quick at: intelligent; competent

Quiz about: ask question.

Quote from: repeat in speech or writing