Practice set for Articles & Prepositions – Set 1

Practice set for Articles & Prepositions – Set 1

20 X 1 = 20

Questions related to articles and prepositions which play very important role in every English exam all over the country.

1)___(i)____tree was cut down __(ii)____ our village. It _____(iii)_____ a large bokal tree over shadowed our house.

2) ____(iv)_____largest road ____(v)_____ our town is Netaji Road. It started ____(vi)____the traffic Junction and ended _____(vii)_____ old Civil Line.

3) Sri rajan babu is ____(viii)_____ M.L.A. He is ____ (ix)_____ M.L.A. of Latur Assembly. His son, Rahul is ___(x)____ S.D.O. His daughter, Rita is ____(xi)______university student She reads ___(xii)_____ ____(xiii)______ university of Nagpur.

4) Rambabu prefers tea _____(xiv)______ coffee. He has another habit _____(xv)______ read the newspaper every morning.

5) Some robbers broke _____(xvi)______our house last midnight. They knocked _____(xvii)_____door but we did not open it. When people came to know and started _____(xviii)_______ come, they give _____(xix)_______ and ran _____(xx)________ in darkness.


Answers :-

(i)A, (ii) in, (iii) a, (iv)  the, (v) in , (vi) from, (vii) to, (viii) an, (ix) the, (x) an, (xi) a, (xii) in, (xiii) the, (xiv) to, (xv) to, (xvi) into, (xvii) the, (xviii) to, (xix) up, (xx) away.