Prepositional Vocabulary Set 4

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 4

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with G

Gabble on: talk quickly and indistinctly.

Gain by/from: benefit, profit from something/doing something.

Gallop through: complete something rapidly.

Gap in/between: opening or breaking something or between two things.

Garner in: collect something in and (usually) store it.

Gather from: collect plants, fruit, etc. from a wide area.

Gather up: come or bring somebody/ something together in one place.

Gaze at: look long and steadily at somebody/something in surprise or admiration.

Gazette to: appoint somebody, especially to a military port.

Gear up: become or make somebody/something ready for something.

Gesture to: convey something by making questions.

Get behind: not proceed at the necessary rate; not produce something at the right time.

Get off: leave a place or start a journey.

Get on: be successful in one’s life or career.

Get together: assemble or collect people or things.

Ghost of: very faint, slight amount or trace or something.

Giggle at: laugh lightly in a nervous or silly way.

Give over: stop doing something.

Give up: abandon an attempt to do something.

Gleam with: (of the face or eyes) show the specified emotion.

Glimpse at: short look.

Gloss over: treat something briefly, or in a superficial or an incomplete way, so as to avoid embarrassing details.

Glue to: continually close to something; unwilling to leave something.

Gnaw at: cause somebody/something continual distress and torment.

Go against: be unfavorable to somebody.

Go down: fall to the ground.

Go against: be unfavorable to somebody.

Go down: fall to the ground.

Go forward: make progress.

Go of: make a sudden loud noise; be sounded.

Go near: be received in the specified way; make an impression.

Go under: become bankrupt; fail.

Goggle at: look at somebody/something with wide round bulging eyes.

Good to: willing to help other; kind.

Graduate in: complete a course for a degree.

Gravitate to/ towards: turn to somebody/something; be attracted to somebody/something; move towards somebody/something.

Greed for: excessive and selfish desire for wealth, power, etc.

Grin at: smile broadly, so as to show the teeth, expressing amusement, foolish satisfaction, contempt, etc.

Grip about: complain about somebody/something; grumble.

Groan with: make a deep sad sound when in pain, or to express distress, despair or disapproval.

Grope about: feel or search about something as one in the dark.

Grouch about: complain.

Group together: gather or form into a group or groups.

Grub around: search for information intently.

Guard against: use care and caution to prevent something.

Guiltless of: innocent; without guilt.

Gulp down: swallow food or drink quickly or greedily.

Gush from: flow or pour out suddenly in great quantities.