Voice Change- Set 1

Voice Change- Set 1

Voice change is an important section in competitive exams. Though candidates will get options to choose the correct one in exams but here we have given only the right answer.

  1. Active Voice: What did he say?

Passive Voice: What was said by him?

  1. Active Voice: They are playing football.

Passive Voice: Football is being played by them.

  1. Active Voice: It has been done by him.

Passive Voice: He has done it.

  1. Active Voice: Do it now:

Passive Voice: you are ordered to do it now.

  1. Active Voice: I never saw him.

Passive Voice: He was never seen by him.

  1. Active Voice: Mango tastes sweet.

Passive Voice: Mango is sweet when it is tasted.

  1. Active Voice: We have seen a tiger.

Passive Voice: A tiger has been seen by us.

  1. Active Voice: Don’t run in the sun.

Passive Voice: You are advised not to run in the sun.

  1. Active Voice: Who was flying kites?

Passive Voice: By whom were kites being flown?

  1. Active Voice: CBI is investigating the matter.

Passive Voice: The matter is being investigates by CBI.