In each of the following questions, an idiomatic expression/a proverb has been given, followed by some alternatives. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given Idiom/proverb.

  1. A fair crack of the whip

(1) Severe punishment

(2) A good cheek

(3) A period of important

(4) Failure of administration

Ans:- (3) A period of important

  1. To talk one’s head off

(1) To talk loudly

(2) To talk in whispers

(3) To talk to oneself

(4) To talk excessively

Ans:- (4) To talk excessively

  1. To hold something in leash

(1) To restrain

(2) To disappoint

(3) To dismiss

(4) To discourage

Ans:- (1) To restrain

  1. To play fast and loose

(1) To truth others

(2) To be undependable

(3) To cheat people

(4) To hurt somebody’s feelings

Ans:- (2) To be undependable

  1. All Agog

(1) Everybody

(2) All ready

(3) Restless

(4) Almighty

Ans:- (3) Restless

  1. To frame a person

(1) To befool someone

(2) To make one appear guilty

(3) To praise someone

(d) A narrow escape

Ans:- (2) To make one appear guilty

  1. A close shave

(1) A lucky escape

(2) A clean shave

(3) A well guarded secret

(4) A narrow escape

Ans:- (4) A narrow escape

  1. To keep one’s head

(1) To be agile and active

(2) To keep calm

(3) To think calm

(4) None of these

Ans:- (2) To keep calm

  1. To cross swords

(1) To fight

(2) To defend

(3) To kill

(4) To rob

Ans:- (1) To fight

  1. A snake in the grass

(1) Secret or hidden enemy

(2) Unforeseen happening

(3) Unrecognisable danger

(4) Irreliable’ person

Ans:- (3) Unrecognisable danger

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🔎जिल्हा नुसार जाहिराती📲

अहमदनगर अकोला अमरावती औरंगाबाद भंडारा बुलढाणा
चंद्रपुर धुले गढ़चिरौली गोंदिया हिंगोली जलगांव
जालना कोल्हापुर लातूर मुंबई नागपुर नांदेड़
नंदुरबार नाशिक उस्मानाबाद पालघर परभानी पुणे
रायगढ़ रत्नागिरि सांगली सातारा सिंधुदुर्ग सोलापुर
ठाणे वर्धा वाशिम यवतमाल बीड  

🎓शिक्षणानुसार जाहिराती💼

७ वी (7th) दहावी (SSC) बारावी (HSC) डिप्लोमा आय.टी.आय पदवी
पदव्युत्तर शिक्षण बी.एड एम.एड एल.एल.बी / एल.एल.एम बीएससी एमबीए
बीसीए एमसीए बी.कॉम एम.कॉम GNM/ANM एमएससी
बी.फार्म एम.फार्म बी.ई एम.ई BAMS/BHMS एम.बी.बी.एस / एम.डी
बी.टेक एम.टेक MS-CIT