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One of the most significant components of Govt. of Maharashtra is Rural Development & Panchayat Raj Department popularly known as RDD Maharashtra. In this post we are going to discuss the primary functions of this major organization. RDD Maharashtra has a lot of responsibilities including development and sustainability. It also releases numerous opportunities for job openings throughout the year. We will also provide direct links to those job opening details pages here. This article will give a clear and complete idea about the basic operations of Rural Development &Panchayat Raj Department Maharashtra.

RDD Maharashtra


This organization was developed with the sole purpose of the complete and well balanced development of the rural parts of the state. This can only be done efficiently by strengthening Panchayati Raj System. For an overall rural development RDD has implemented several initiatives to achieve clean and green villages. Another Initiative taken by RDD to improve the economic condition of the rural part of the state is Maharashtra Rajya Gramin Jivanonnati Abhiyan. The primary objective of this initiative is to eliminate poverty from rural Maharashtra. Another development Initiative of Govt. of Maharashtra is the implementation of Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awaas Yojana. Under this Yojana Shelter and Shelter related various facilities are provided to the rural population. Maharashtra Government also provides training to the public representatives under development program to strengthen Panchayati Raj system.

For a holistic development of a state, employment is very crucial as it empowers the people. That’s why state govt. releases various job openings frequently through Rural Development Department. It also shows that the organization is growing at a steady pace as it need more employees to function properly. The jobs are released for all the Zilla parisads of Maharashtra. There are various departments under which the jobs are released. The departments under which jobs are released are General Administration Department, Department of Finance, Gram Panchayat Division, Department of Women and Child Welfare, Social Welfare Department, Department of Agriculture, Department of Health, primary education, secondary education, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Construction Department, Rural water pudding, Department of Animal Husbandry, District Rural Development System, Minor Irrigation, Water Supply and Sanitation Department, N.R.E.G.A. In page we regularly update the jobs released by RDD Maharashtra in their official website The recent job openings are provided below.

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The Rural Development & Panchayeti Raj Department has many departments under it. We are going to discuss the functions of those departments briefly.

General Administration Department (सामान्य प्रशासन विभाग)

General Administration Department has a very significant role in the Zilla Parishad. Huge number of administrative proposals from all the departments of zilla parishad is submitted in this department for scrutiny. These proposals are inspected and approved by the chief Executive officer. This is the basic outline of the responsibility of the General Administration Department.

Department of Finance (अर्थ विभाग)

This is another cornerstone department of the Zilla Parishad.  Finance departments are in-charge of all the financial transactions. They are also responsible for managing all the accounts of Zilla Parisad. The head of the financial department is also responsible for accounting and budget estimates. Regulating financial guidelines are also falls under the responsibility of the finance department.

Gram Panchayat Division (ग्रामपंचायत विभाग)

Gram Panchayat is one the most important departments under Govt. of Maharashtra rural development department. Various Central Govt. Scheme and State Govt. Scheme including Nirmal Bharat Abiyan Scheme is implemented and maintained by Gram Panchayat. Delivering the information of various schemes launched by govt. bodies to the public is also duty of the Gram panchayet. So we can say that gram panchayet has a vital role in social justice and economic development of the people of the village.

Department of Women and Child Welfare (महिला व बालकल्याण विभाग)

The department of Women and child welfare was established with the sole purpose of overall development of woman and children. This department is responsible for formulating policies and programs that improve the overall condition of woman and children in our society.

Department of Agriculture (कृषी विभाग)

Most of the rural population of India still depends on the agriculture for their earning as India is an agricultural country. It accounts for almost 13.7% of the total Gross national income of our country. The department of agriculture is responsible for an overall improvement in the field of agriculture. Introducing modern agricultural technology and providing improved seeds and fertilizers to the farmers is one of the many responsibilities of agricultural department.

Department of Health (आरोग्य विभाग)

The importance of this department in our daily lives is immense. The department of health was first founded to tackle the spread of epidemics like Plague and Cholera. Gradually the importance of dedicated health department was realized by the govt. officials and a fully functional Health department was established. The primary goal of this department is to provide and maintain the healthcare services. It is responsible for regulating the healthcare policies at grass root levels.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (सर्वशिक्षा अभियान)

When Right to education was included in the fundamental rights this programme was introduced in our country. The main purpose of this scheme is to provide basic education to everyone in our country. Under this scheme new schools were constructed in rural areas. In areas where it was impossible, alternative schooling facilities were introduced. The infrastructures of the schools are also improved in this scheme.

Primary education & Secondary education (प्राथमिक शिक्षण आणि माध्यमिक शिक्षण)

The schemes implemented by department of education for primary and secondary education are mainly aimed towards the overall development of the education level of the state. They are also working towards increasing the attendance in the schools.

Department of Animal Husbandry (पशुसंवर्धन विभाग)

In rural areas animal husbandry is very popular. This is the main income source in many households. This department is responsible for the welfare of those animals. Prevention of spreading of disease, vaccination of the animals are done through this department. The training and support of animal husbandry is provided from this department.


Govt. of Maharashtra has combined the state and central employment guarantee scheme and named it Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Maharashtra. Under this scheme 100 days of guaranteed employment is promised to a family in rural areas. This is to provide employment to the laborers living in rural areas doing manual labor.

Contact Details MAHA RDD ZP: 

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  • Helpline Number: 07292006305 (Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM – Monday to Friday) – हेल्पलाईन क्रमांक: 07292006305 (वेळः 10:00 सकाळी ते 6:00 दुपारी – सोमवार ते शुक्रवार)