In each of the following questions, an idiomatic expression/a proverb has been given, followed by some alternatives. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given Idiom/proverb.


  1. To snap one‘s fingers

(1) To speak abruptly

(2) To accept immediately

(3) To grasp eagerly

(4) To become contemptuous of

(5) To be anxious

Ans:- (4) To become contemptuous of

  1. A pipe dream

(1) A pleasant dream

(2) A bad dream

(3) An impracticable plan

(4) A foolish idea

Ans:- (3) An impracticable plan

  1. To give up the ghost

(1) To die

(2) To make false appearance

(3) To terrify others by acting in suspicious manner

(4) To leave manner

Ans:- (1) To die

  1. To have an easy time of it

(1) To take the world lightly

(2) To indulge in frivolities

(3) To squander away resources

(4) To lies in quiet and comfort

Ans:- (4) To lies in quiet and comfort

  1. To lose one’s head

(1) To go mad

(2) To become nervous

(3) To become confused and over excited

(4) To lose the balance

Ans:- (3) To become confused and over excited

  1. By the skin of one’s teeth

(1) Hardly

(2) In time

(3) Hurriedly

(4) Only just

Ans:- (4) Only just

  1. To throw down the glove

(1) To resort to wrong tectics

(2) To give a challenge

(3) To accept defeat

(4) To reject the prize

Ans:- (2) To give a challenge

  1. To be in abeyance

(1) To be in trouble

(2) In a fighting mood

(3) Dual minded

(4) In suspense

Ans:- (4) In suspense

  1. A chip off the old block

(1) A piece of wood

(2) An old friend

(3) Characteristics of one’s ancestors

(4) A good bargain

Ans: – (3) Characteristics of one’s ancestors

  1. To smell a rat

(1) To detect bad smell

(2) To misunderstand

(3) To suspect a trick or deceit

(4) To see hidden meaning

Ans: – (3) To suspect a trick or deceit