Prepositional Vocabulary Set 9

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 9

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with L

Labour under: suffer because of.

Laden with: loaded or weighted.

Lament for/over: express great sorrow or regret.

Languish in/under: live wretchedly.

Lap up: receive eagerly or greedily.

Lark about/ around: behave playfully.

Last for: endure; continue for a period of time.

Laugh at: show that one is amused by.

Laugh down: silence or reject by laughing scornfully.

Laugh off: Show one does not care about something.

Lay down: give up; cease to perform.

Lay over: Stop at a place on a journey.

Lead into: direct; control; be the leader or head.

Leat through: glance through.

Leak to: reveal information.

Lean on/upon: depend on.

Learn from: gain knowledge or skill.

Lend to: contribute or add something.

Let in: make narrower.

Let through: allow to pass an examination or test.

Liable for: subject to.

Liken to: show resemblance.

Limit to: restrict.

Litter up: make untidy with scattered rubbish.

Live on: continue to live or exist.

Lock up: make secure by locking doors and windows.

Lodge with: present a statement to proper authorities.

Loll about/around: rest, sit or stand lazily.

Look at: turn eyes to see somebody; pay attention; observe.

Look into: investigate or examine.

Look over: inspect or examine; examine one by one or part by part.

Look through: examine or read quickly; examine or read one by one; read carefully.

Look up: be careful about; ensure something is safe.

Louse up: spoil; ruin.

Limp together: put or consider people or things together; treat people or things under same heading.

Words beginning with M

Mad about: very interested in; enthusiastic about.

Mad with: very excited; frenzied.

Make at: move to attack.

Make from: create, construct, etc.

Make off: hurry or rush away; steal and hurry away.

Malice towards: desire to harm other.

Mania for: extreme or abnormal enthusiasm.

Marry into: become a part by marrying.

Marvel at: be very surprised.

Match up: tally; be in agreement.

Matey with: friendly; sociable.

Maunder about: move around listlessly or idly.

Measure off: mark out length.

Meddle in: interfere.

Merciful to: having, showing or feeling mercy.

Meticulous in: very attentive to detail; giving or showing great precision and care.

Mindful of: giving attention to

Miscible with: that can be mixed.

Mix into: add and combine.

Mock at: ridicule; make fun.

Mop up: remove by wiping.

Morass of: thing that confuses people or prevents progress.

Mourn for/over: feel or show sorrow for loss.

Move off: start a journey.

Muddle along: live in a foolish or helpless way.

Muffle up: warp for warmth.

Mumble about: speak or say unclearly and slowly.