Prepositional Vocabulary Set 12

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 12

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with S

Sacred to: regarded with great respect.

Saddle with: give unwelcome task, etc.

Safeguard against: thing to serve as protection from harm, etc.

Sail/across/into: move in a smooth way.

Sail in: enter argument or dispute.

Sail into: attack in words.

Sail through: come through without difficulty.

Scale up: increase something.

Scared of: frightened.

Scathing about: very critical.

Sceptical of/about: unwilling to believe.

School in: train or discipline.

Score against: succeed.

Scramble for : rough struggle.

Seal off: prevent entering or leaving.

See in: find somebody/something attractive/interesting.

See off: say good bye to somebody at airport, etc.

See through: not to be deceived.

Seethe with: be crowded.

Serve up: offer something

Set down: stop and allow a passenger to get out.

Set in: begin.

Set on: attack somebody.

Set up: make stronger, more lively , etc.

Settle on: choose; decide to take.

Severe on/with: strict or harsh.

Shake down: settle down and function properly.

Sheer off: turn away to avoid.

Shop around: search carefully.

Shot at: act of shooting.

Shove up: move to make more room.

Shred of: small amount.

Shroud of: thing that hides.

Sick up: vomit.

Sign off: stop work.

Sign with : take a long deep breath.

Sit for: be a member of.

Sit up : be a member well.

Size up: form opinion of.

Skilled at/in: skilful

Slag off : say offensive and critical things about somebody.

Slap down: stop somebody talking, etc.

Slate for: plane that something will happen at specified time.

Slew of: great amount of.

Slobber over: show affection too openly.

Smack off: get rid of.

Sod of: go away.

Sneer at: grasp quickly and eagerly.

Sore at: irritated

Spark off: lead to

Stand for: support

Stand in: deputise.

Stave off: delay something.

Stay in: not go outdoors.

Stay with: continue to listen attentively.

Stick around: stay

Stick by: continue to support and be loyal.

Strip of: take off from somebody.

Sup up: drink in small amounts

Swoop up: come down suddenly

Strip to: take off clothes

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🔎जिल्हा नुसार जाहिराती📲

अहमदनगर अकोला अमरावती औरंगाबाद भंडारा बुलढाणा
चंद्रपुर धुले गढ़चिरौली गोंदिया हिंगोली जलगांव
जालना कोल्हापुर लातूर मुंबई नागपुर नांदेड़
नंदुरबार नाशिक उस्मानाबाद पालघर परभानी पुणे
रायगढ़ रत्नागिरि सांगली सातारा सिंधुदुर्ग सोलापुर
ठाणे वर्धा वाशिम यवतमाल बीड  

🎓शिक्षणानुसार जाहिराती💼

७ वी (7th) दहावी (SSC) बारावी (HSC) डिप्लोमा आय.टी.आय पदवी
पदव्युत्तर शिक्षण बी.एड एम.एड एल.एल.बी / एल.एल.एम बीएससी एमबीए
बीसीए एमसीए बी.कॉम एम.कॉम GNM/ANM एमएससी
बी.फार्म एम.फार्म बी.ई एम.ई BAMS/BHMS एम.बी.बी.एस / एम.डी
बी.टेक एम.टेक MS-CIT