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Prepositional Vocabulary Set 1

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 1

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with – A

Abide by:  Keep; accept; act in according with; adhere to.

Abide in or at:  remain or stay.

Abhorrence of:  disgust and hatred.

Abound in or with: be full of; have or exist in large numbers or quantities.

Ability for: power to do something physical or mental.

Abscond with: go away suddenly and secretly.

Abscond from: flee from the law.

Absolve from: Set or declare free (from blame, promise, duty, obligation, etc).

Absorbed in: intensely engaged or interested.

Abstain from: restrain oneself, refrain.

Absurd of: ridiculous; foolish.

Abundant in: plentiful; rich in.

Access to: right.

Accompany with: attend; characterize.

Accountable to: responsible.

Accurate in: careful and exact.

Accustomed to: have learnt to expect or accept.

Acquaint with: make familiar with.

Act on/upon: do what is advised or requested.

Adapt for: rewrite: rearrange.

Adapt from: translate; modify from; change

Adapt to: make suitable for a new need, use, situation, etc.

Addicted to: have formed a strong habit.

Adequate to: sufficient.

Adjacent to: next to.

Admission of: statement admitting something; confession or acknowledgement.

Admit of: leave room for.

 Adverse to: contrary or hostile to; unfavourable.

Affection for: Kindly feelings: fondness; love

Affectionate to: if you are affectionate, you show your love or fondness for another person in the way that you behave towards him.

Afflict with: bother with; cause bodily or mental trouble to.

Agitate for: argue publicly in favour of; take part in a campaign for.

Amount to: total something; add up to.

Amuse at/by: make somebody laugh or smile.

Anger at: strong feeling of displeasure and hostility.

Annoyed with: rather angry.

Appetite for: physical desire for food or pleasure.

Appoint to: choose for a job or position of responsibility.

Appropriate for/to: right and proper; suitable.

Aptitude for: ability to learn quickly and to do well.

Arrive at/in: reach a place.

Ashamed of: embarrassment, feeling shame, Etc.

Assist in: help.

Assure of: give confidence or certainty to somebody about something.

Astonished at: very surprised about something.

Attend on/upon: tend; wait on; look after.

Attentive to: giving attention to somebody/something; alert or watchful.

Attitude to/towards: way of thinking, behaving or feeling.

Avail of: take advantage of; make use of.

Awake to: become aware of something; realize something.

Aware of: having knowledge or realization of some body or something.

Words beginning with –B

Babble away: Chatter continuously.

Babble out: tell secrets or nonsense.

Back down: descend backwards.

Bail out: free until trial by payment of a cash guarantee.

Banish from: send somebody away, especially out of the country as a punishment.

Bank on: confidently expect, count upon, base hopes on, depend on.

Bank with: Keep money in a bank.

Bark at: give a bark or barks.

Bark out: say in a sharp harsh voice.

Bear against/towards: keep feelings, etc. in mind.

Bear away/off: Win.

Bear down: overcome or defeat.

Bear on: relate to something; affect something.

Bear out: support somebody; confirm something.

Bear up: manage; cope; remain strong in the face of hard conditions.

Bear with: tolerate somebody or something patiently.

Bearing on: relevance to something.

Beat off: drive somebody or something away by fighting.

Beef about: complain; grumble.

Beef up: add force or weight to something; strengthen.

Beg of: ask earnestly or humbly.

Beg off: ask to be excused from doing something.

Behaviour towards: treatment shown towards other; way of behaving.

Bequeath to: arrange, by making a will, to give money, property, etc.

Beneficial to: advantageous; having a helpful or useful effect.

Benevolent to/towards: Kind and helpful.

Bestow on: present something as a gift to somebody; confer.

Beware of: be cautions of somebody or something.

Binding on/upon: impressing a legal obligation on somebody.

Blaze with: especially anger; show great feeling.

Bleed for: feel great distress; suffer wounds or die for a cause.

Blend with: combine with something in a harmonious way.

Blight on/upon: destructive or harmful force.

Bloom with: be full of plants or flowers in bloom; be in a healthy or flourishing condition.

Blossom into: develop in a healthy or promising way; grow into something; flourish.

Blow in/into: arrive or entre a place suddenly.

Blow up: lose one’s temper.

Blunder about/around: move about uncertainly, as if blind.

Blush with/at: become red in the face because of something.

Boast of/about: talk about achievement, abilities, etc.

Boil down: summarise; condense.

Book up: buy a ticket, etc. in advance; reserve a place, accommodation, etc.

Book down: register in a book.

Book out: state departure by entering name in a register.

Boss about/around: order about.

Bother about: cause trouble; take trouble.

Bounce back: recover well after a setback.

Bounce into: move in the specified direction with an up and down motion.

Break up: go away in different directions; disperse; separate at the end of a term for holidays; become very weak; collapse; cause something to come to an end; dissolve; disperse or scatter; something using force; divide something by means of an administrative decision, analysis, etc.; end a relationship with somebody.

Break with: give up something; abandon something; end a relationship with somebody.

Break in: enter a building by force.

Break in: interrupt or disturb.

Break down: cease to function; collapse; fail; become very weak or bad; lose control of one’s feeling; cause something to collapse; overcome, conquer or destroy something.

Breeze into: enter a place suddenly, in a very casual manner.

Brigthten up:  cause to become brighter, more cheerful or more hopeful.

Brim with: be or become full to the brim.

Brim over: overflow; have an abundance of.

Brimful of: full to the brim with something.

Bring about: cause something to happen.

Words beginning with –C

Careful about/of/with: cautious; taking care.

Carry off: win something; handle a difficult situation successfully.

Carry on: conduct or manage something; continue doing something; have a love-affair with somebody; take part in something; conduct or hold something.

Cast about: try to find or think of something hurriedly.

Cast down: cause sb. To become depressed.

Cast off: reject or abandon sb. Or sth.

Catch on: understand sth.

Catch up: spend extra time doing sth. In order to compensate for having neglected it.

Caution against: warm or advise sb. against sth.

Cautions about/of: showing or having caution.

Cavort about/around: jump about excitedly.

Censure for: criticize sb. severely; rebuke sb. formally.

Chase after: run after in order to capture or overtake sb. or sth.

Check in: arrive and register as a guest at a hotel or as a passenger at an airport.

Check up: investigate somebody’s behavior, background, etc.

Check on: examination to make sure that something is correct, safe, satisfactory or in good condition; thing that stops or restrains sth.

Choke down: hold or keep back sth.

Choke off: reprimand sb. severely for doing sth.

Choke on: be unable to breathe because of sth. In windpipe.

Choke with: cause sb. to become speechless.

Choked about: angry; upset.

Chuffed about/at: very pleased.

Clash with: come together and fight.

Classify as: place sb. or sth. In a particular class.

Clean up:  wash oneself; make a place clean by removing dirt, etc.

Clear on/about: certain; without doubt, confusion or difficulty.

Cleave through: make away through sth.

Close to: near in space or time.

Close together: near in space or time.

Clown about/around: act in foolish or comical way.

Cluster round: surround sb /sth closely; form a cluster round sb / sth.

Cognate with: having the same source or origin.

Coincide with: (of events) occur at the same time or occupy the same period of time as sth, else.

Collaboration with: collaboration with.

Collide with: come together violently; strike violently against sth.

Collision with: colliding

Collusion with: secret agreement or co-operation for deceitful or fraudulent purpose.

Come up/at: blush; become red in the face.

Come about: happen.

Come across: meet or find sb/sth. by chance; make an impression of the specified type.

Come after: Chase or pursue sb.

Come along: arrive; appear.

Come at: attack sb.

Come before: be presented to sb/ sth for discussion, decision or judgement.

Come by: obtain sth. By effort; receive sth by change.

Come down: collapse; (of rain; snow, etc.) fall; (of prices, temperature, etc.) fall; become lower; punish sb; be forced by poverty, etc. –to- do sth. That one would never do normally’ be a questions of sth; able to be summerised as sth; become ill with.

Come from: have as birth place or residence; be descended from sth.

Come in: become available at a particular time of the year; be elected; be received as income; have a part to play in sth; (of news, reports, etc) be received by newspaper offices, etc.: be the object of sth; attract sth.

Come into: inherit sth.

Come off: take place; become separated or detached; fare; get on; prosper

Come on: of lawsuits, questions arise for discussion.

Come through: (of news, a message) arrive by telephone, ratio, etc. or through official channels; recover from a serious illness or avoid serious injury; survive sth.

Come under: be including within a certain category; be the target of sth; be subjected to.

Come up: Occur; arise; be mentioned or discussed; arise; be dealt with by a court; rise in social position; be faced with or opposed by sb/sth; reach an acceptable standard or level; find or produce a solution, an answer, etc.

Commend on/upon: praise; speak favourably of or to sb / sth.

Commiserate with: feel sympathy or pity.

Commit to: give up, entrust, hand over to, for safe keeping, treatment, etc.; pledge or bind sb/oneself.

Commute to: replace one punishment by another that is less severe.

Comparable to/with: able or suitable to be compared.

Compatible with: of people, ideas, arguments, principles, etc. suited; in accord with; able to exist together.

Compete with/against: try to win sth. by defeating others who are trying to do the same.

Competent at: (of people) having ability, authority, power, skill, knowledge, etc. to do what is needed.

Comply with: obey; act in accordance with a request, command etc.

Composed of: made up, or formed from, sth.

Compress into: condense; express ideas, etc. in shorter form.

Conclude with: come or bring sth. to an end.

Concur with: agree.

Condemn for/as: say that one disapproves sb /sth. Else.

Condemn to: sentence sb. especially to death or life imprisonment.

Confer with: have discussions.

Confer on: give or grant a title or degree to sb.

Confine to/in: Keep in a restricted place.

Confirm in: make definite or establish more firmly.

Conflict with: clash; be in disagreement.

Conform with: agree with sth.

Confront with: bring face to face with.

Conscious of: aware; noticing.

Consent to: give permission or agreement.

Consequent on/upon: following sth. as a result or an effect.

Considerate of: careful not hurt or inconvenience others; thoughtful.

Consistent with: in agreement.

Conspire with/against: to agree together to do something wrong, evil or illegal; or plot (something wrong, evil or illegal).

Contemporary with: belonging to the same time; of the time or period being referred to.

Contempt for: feeling that sb./ sth. is completely worthless and cannot be respected.

Contempt of/for: disregard of danger, rules, etc.

Contrary to: against; in opposition to sth.

Contrast with: show a difference when compared.

Convenient for: suitable; giving no trouble or difficulty; fitting in well with people’s needs or plns; situated nearly; easily accessible.

Convert into: change sth from one form or use to another.

Convert to: change one’s religion; persuade sb, to change his beliefs.

Convey to: make ideas, feelings, etc. known to another person.

Conviction for: instance of conviction.

Cop for: arrest sb for sth.

Correlate with: have a mutual relation or connection.

Count against: be considered/consider sth. to be the disadvantage of sb.

Count among: be regarded/ regard sb/ sth as one of the state group.

Count as: consider sb/sth. to be sb / sth.

Count for: be of value or importance.

Counter to: in the opposite direction to sth; in opposition to sth; contrary to sth.

Counter with: respond to sb/ sth with opposing view.

Cover against /for: insure sb/sth against loss, etc

Covered in/with: having a great number or amount of sth.

Covetous of: having or showing a strong desire to possess sth that belongs to sb. else.

Cow into: make sb. do as one wants by frightening him; intimidate sb.

Crack about: clever and amusing remark, often critical; joke.

Crawl to: try to gain somebody’s favour by praising him, doing what will please him, etc

Craze for: enthusiastic, usually brief, interest in sth

Creditable to: deserving praise; bringing credit.

Cross off/out: remove sth by drawing a line through it.

Cry off: withdraw from sth one has promised to do.

Cut down: Kill sb; reduce the length of sth; shorten sth; reduce the amount or quantity of sth; consume, use or buy less of sth

Cut in/into: divide sth into smaller pieces with a knife, etc.

Cut off: interrupt sb. speaking on the telephone by breaking the connection; disinherit sb; cause sb to die sooner than is normal; block or obstruct sth; prevent sb/sth from leaving or reaching a place, or communication with people outside a place.

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