Prepositional Phrasal Verbs – Set 5

Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrasal Verbs –

  • I cannot remember his name.

= Call up

  • The match between India and Pakisthan has been postponed due to rain.

= Put off

  • Rambabu breathed his last yesterday evening.

= Passed away

  • The proposal was rejected by the president.

= Turned down

  • Don’t emit smokes hear children.

= give off

  • He was a man not to surrender.

= give in

  • Chocolates were distributed among the students.

= given away

  • Don’t hate the poor and hungry.

= look down upon

  • If you want to be a winner, you must tolerate many people.

=put up with

  • Rahul Babu is not a mathematician but he can solve sums easily.

= Work out

  • He cannot understand the sense of the question.

= make out

  • CBI is investigating the matter seriously.

=looking into

  • Cholera spread out in the village last year.

=broke out

  • The meeting between Directions and labourers has been cancelled.

=called off

  • Every body should obey the traffic rules.

= abide by