Prepositional Phrasal Verbs – Set 7

Some important phrasal verbs for competitive exams 2018

  1. We should __Obey___ our elders.
  2. The robbers ___entered the house by force___ at midnight.
  3. After 7 days war our enemies __surrendered___
  4. Chocolates __were distributed___ among the students.
  5. The factory __emits__ smokes from the chimneys.
  6. The match between KKR and DR has been __postponed__ due to rain.
  7. Do not ___hate___ the poor and needy.
  8. The chairman ___rejected__ our proposal.
  9. The meeting __has been cancelled___ for lack of board members.
  10. The fire ___was extinguished___ after 2 hours trial.


  1. Abide by
  2. Broke into
  3. Gave in
  4. Given away (Past participle form)
  5. Gives out
  6. Put off
  7. Look down upon
  8. Turned down
  9. Called off
  10. Put out.