Prepositional Phrasal Verbs – Set 2

Prepositional Phrasal Verbs – Set 2

10 X 1 = 10

Prepositions are used in many ways. One of the ways is prepositional use in phrasal verbs (group verbs).It is very important to form meaningful sentence with phrasal verbs. So here are some questions with phrasal verbs with the meanings in brackets. You just have to fill in the gaps with suitable prepositions meaningfully.

1) I cannot make ____(i)____ (Understand) the meaning  of the word.

2) CBI is looking _____(ii)______ (Investigate) the matter.

3) To work _____(iii)____  (solve) the sum you must be intelligent.

4) The match between India and Australia has been put  _____(iv)_____ (postpone) for two hours due to rain.

5) The match has been called _____(v)_____ (cancel) due to rain.

6) The minister turned ____(vi)_______ (reject)

7) Out of 100, only 75 members turned ____(vii)_______ (arrive/present) in the meeting.

8) We should abide _____(viii)______ (obey) our elders.

9) I came ___(ix)_____ (Meet) my old friend yesterday.

10) Failure comes in life but one who wins  at last never gives ____(x)_____ (surrender).



  1. i) out, ii) into, iii) out, iv) off, v) off, vi) down, vii) up, viii) by, ix) across, x) in