Prepositional Vocabulary Set 3

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 3

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with F

Face with- cover something with a layer of different material.

Fag at- do very tiring work.

Fall on/ upon- descend; come as if by dropping suddenly; be borne or incurred by sb.

Fall about- laugh uncontrollably.

Fall behind– be overtaken by somebody/ something; fail to keep level.

Fall down- no longer stand; come to the ground; collapse; be shown to be false or inadequate.

Fall for- be attracted to somebody; fall in love with somebody.

Fall in- become involved with somebody / something; agree to or show support for somebody / something; join somebody.

Fall into- acquire or develop something; be trapped by something; be able to be divided into something.

Fall off- decrease in quantity or quality.

Fall over- stumble or tarp after hitting somebody / something with one’s feet when walking etc.

Fall through- fail to be completed; come to nothing.

Fall to- begin to something.

Fall under- be classified among something.

Famed for- famous.

Familiar with- friendly and informal; having a good knowledge of something.

Familiar to- often seen or heard; well known.

Familiarise with- acquire a thorough knowledge of something; give somebody.

Famous for- known to very many people; celebrated.

Fanatic about- obsessively enthusiastic.

Fasten on/ to- firmly attach something to something or two thing together.

Fatal to- causing disaster.

Favour with- do something for somebody; oblige somebody with something.

Favourable to/ towards- tending to support somebody / something.

Favourite of- person or thing like more than others.

Fawn on- try to win somebody’s approval by flattering or by obsequious behavior.

Fear for- be anxious or concerned about somebody / something.

Feast on- enjoy the beauty of somebody / something.

Feast with- provide somebody with a feast.

Feature on- (in newspapers, television, etc.) special or prominent article or programme.

Feed on- be nourished or strengthened by something; eat.

Feel about/ for- search with the hands, the feet, a stick, etc.

Feel for- have sympathy for somebody.

Feeling of- thing that is felt through the mind or the sense.

Felicitate on/ upon- congratulate somebody.

Fence in- restrict the freedom of somebody.

Fence off- separate one area from another with a fence.

Fend for- take care of or look after oneself; support oneself.

Fend off- fight something / somebody off; defend oneself from something / somebody.

Ferret about- search; rummage.

Ferret out- discover something by searching or asking questions thoroughly.

Fetch for- go for and bring back somebody / something.

Feud with- carry on a feud.

Fidget about- thus annoying other people; make somebody nervous; make small restless movement.

Fight against / with- struggle against somebody / something using physical force.

Fight against- destroy or prevent something, strive to overcome.

Fight for- strive to obtain or accomplish something.

Figure on- include something in plans; rely on something; estimate; conclude; rickon.

Fill in- spend time while waiting for something; give somebody full details about something; add what is necessary to make something complete.

Fill with- full; occupy all the space in something, make something.

Filter into / through- become known gradually; pass or flow slowly in a specified direction.

Find for- inquiry or effort; (law) give a verdict in favour of somebody; discover something / somebody by searching.

Find against- (law) give a verdict against somebody.

Fire at- shoot from a gun; shoot a bullet; address in quick succession, shoot a bullet.

Fire into- stimulate the imagination; shoot with a gun at somebody / something; fill somebody with strong emotion; inspire or excite somebody to do something.

Fire with- fill somebody with strong emotion; inspire or excite somebody to something.

Fit for- well adopted; suitable or suited for somebody / something.

Fix on- fasten something firmly to something; direct ones eyes on somebody / something with steady attention ; choose.

Fix up- provide somebody with something; arrange for somebody to have something.

Fix with- direct one’s gaze, attention etc at somebody.

Flair for- natural ability to do something well.

Flare up- suddenly become angry; (of an illness) recur; reach a more violent state.

Flavour with- give flavor to something by adding spices, herbs, etc.

Flee from- run or hurry away; escape.

Fleece of- take from somebody by overcharging or tricking him.

Flick through- turn over the pages of a book, etc. quickly, looking briefly of the contents.

Flinch him- avoid thinking about or doing something unpleasant.

Fling at- say or express something in a violent way.

Fling into- start or do something with a lot of energy or enthusiasm.

Flirt with- behave in a romantic or suggestive way but without serious intentions.

Float about- do nothing in particular; (of a person) move vaguely or aimlessly from place to place.

Flood with- spread into something; cover or fill completely.

Flood into- come to or arrive at a place in great quantities or numbers.

Flow with- be available plentifully; be distributed freely.

Flow in/ into- arrive in a steady stream.

Flow from- come or derive from something;  result from something.

Fob off- trick somebody into being satisfied with something inferior, an excuse, etc.

Focus on- concentrate on something.

Foist on- force somebody into accepting something no wanted.

Follow with/ by- come, go or take place somebody / something else in space, time or order.

Fond of- having a great liking for somebody / doing something.

Foot about / around- behave stupidly or foolishly.

Forage about- search or hunt for something.

Force on- make somebody accept something against his will.

Forget about- fail to remember or recall something, lose the memory of something.

Forgetful of- neglectful of somebody / something; not thinking about something.

Formula for- method, plan, or set of principles worked out to achieve a desired result.

Fraught with- charged with something; filled with something.

Free from / of- not harmed by something dangerous; not something by something unpleasant.

Freedom from- state of being without or not affected by the things specified.

Freedom of- right to act, speak, etc.

Fresh from- having just come from a place or having just had a particular experience; straight from something.

Frig about/ around- mess about; waste time.

Frighten off- force or drive a person or animal to run away.

Frighten into- cause somebody to do / not to do something.

Frown at/ upon- causing lines on the forehead to express anger, worry deep thought, etc. ; bring the eyebrows together.

Fumble at/ for/ with- use the hands awkwardly in doing something or in search of something.

Fume at- show this anger; be very angry.

Furious at/ with- full of violent anger.

Furnish with- put furniture in a place; provide something with furniture.

Fuss about- be worried or excited, especially over small things.

Fuss over- pay excessive attention to somebody.

Fussy about- giving too much close attention to detail, etc. and therefore difficult to please.