Prepositional Vocabulary Set 6

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 6

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with I

Identical to/with: exactly alike; similar in every detail.

Identify with: consider something to be identical with something; equate two things.

Ignorance of: lack of knowledge or information.

Immanent in: (of qualities) inherent; natural present.

Immaterial to: irrelevant; not important.

Immerse in: put something under the surface of a liquid.

Immune to/against: that cannot be harmed by a disease or illness

Immune to: that cannot be harmed by as a disease or illness.

Immunity to/ against: ability to resist infection, disease, etc.

Immunity to: ability to be unaffected by something.

Impact on/ upon: strong impression or effect on somebody/something.

Impale on: Pierce somebody/something a sharp-Pointed object.

Impart to: give a quality to somebody.

Impatient of: intolerant of something.

Impeach for: accuse a public official, or politician.

Impel to: force or urge somebody to something.

Impertinent to: not respectful; rude.

Impetus to: thing that encourages a process to develop more quickly.

Implant in: deliberately introduce or fix will necessarily impinge on your public life.

Implant in: deliberately introduce or fix ideas, etc into a person’s mind.

Implicate in: show that somebody is involved in something, especially a crime.

Implicit in: implied, but not expressed directly; not explicit.

Import from: bring from a foreign country into one’s own country.

Impose on: place a penalty, tax etc. officially on somebody/something.

Impress on/upon: fix in mind; make keenly aware of.

Impute to: put responsibility for something on somebody/something; attribute

Inability to: lack of power, skill or ability.

Incite to: urge somebody. To do something by making him angry or excited.

Inclusive of: including much or all; including something.

Inculcate with: fix firmly in somebody’s mind.

Incumbent on/upon: necessary.

Indict for: accuse officially; charge somebody.

Indignant with/at: angry and scornful.

Inept at: completely unskillful.

Infatuated with/by: temporary filled with intense but foolish love.

Inexperienced in: lacking experience.

Infer from: reach opinion from facts or reasoning; conclude.

Inflict on: cause a blow, penalty etc. to be suffered by somebody.

Influence with: ability to obtain favorable treatment from somebody.

Inform of/about: tell somebody; give somebody. Knowledge of.

Inherent in: existing as natural or permanent feature or quality.

Inherit from: receive as a result of death of previous owner.

Inhibit from: prevent from doing something that should be natural or easy to do.

Inroad into: sudden attack on another’s territory; mind

Insensible to: insensitive; not able to feel.

Insensitive to: not able to feel something.

Insist on: demand forcefully.

Inspiration to/for: person or thing that cause inspiration.

Interfere in: break in upon without right or invitation.

Interfere with: handle, adjust, etc. without permission.

Interrogate about: question closely or aggressively.

Intolerant of: not tolerant.

Intrigue with: make and carry out secret plans to do bad.

Invaluable to: extremely valuable.

Itch for: restless longing or desire.

Irrespective of: not talking account of.

Involve in: cause to take part.

Invitation to: request to go or come somewhere, or do something.