Prepositional Vocabulary Set 5

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 5

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with H

Habituate to: accustom somebody/oneself to something.

Hack at: strike heavy cutting blows at something/somebody.

Hail down: come or send something. Down hard to fast.

Hamm up: act in a deliberately artificial or exaggerated way; overrate.

Hammer at/on: strick something loudly.

Hand down: pass something on by tradition, inheritance, etc

Hand in: bring or give something; offer or submit something.

Hand on: send or give something to another person.

Hand to: give or transfer something with hand or hands.

Hang above/over: remain in the air.

Hang about/around: not move away; be standing about, doing nothing definite.

Hang on: grip something firmly

Hang with: decorate something.

Hanker after/for:  have a strong desire for something.

Harbinger of: person or thing that announces or shows that somebody/something is coming.

Hard on: soon after something.

Hark at: listen to somebody.

Harmful to: causing harm.

Harp on:  talk repeatedly and tiresomely about something.

Hash up: do something badly; make a mess of something.

 Hatch up: think out and produce a plot, plans etc.

Hateful to: causing somebody to feel hatred or strong dislike; detestable; very unpleasant.

Hatred for/of: very strong dislike; hate.

Haul up:  bring somebody to be tried or reprimanded.

Have in: have somebody working in house.

Have on: persuade somebody of the truth of something; deceive; play a trick on.

Have up: cause somebody to be accused of crime, etc. in a law court.

Head for: move towards a place.

Heal of: cure somebody of a disease; restore somebody to health.

Heap up: put things in a pile.

Heap with: load or place something in a pile on somebody/something.

Hem about/around: surround somebody.

Hem in: confine somebody; surround and restrict the movement of somebody.

Hide from: Keep something secret; prevent something from being know.

Hint at: suggest slightly or indirectly.

Hiss at: make a sound like a long loud s.

Hiss off: (of an audience) force a speaker or performer to eave by hissing in disapproval.

Hit with: strick somebody/something with a blow, missile, etc.

Hoard up: collect and store.

Hoax into: deceive somebody as a joke.

Hold in: control, restrain or check something /oneself.

Hold off: (of rain, storm, etc) not occur; be delayed.

Hold on: wait or stop.

Hold over: postpone or desert something

Hold to: remain loyal to something something; not abandon or change principal, opinion, etc.

Hold up: put somebody/something forward as an example.

Hold with:  agree with or approve of something.

Hole up: hide oneself.

Home in: be directed, or move towards something.

Honk at: make a honk.

Hoot at: make a hoot or hoots.

Hoot down: reject something or drive somebody away by jeering.

Hop in/into: get into a car.

Hope of/for: desire for something to happen.

Host of: large number of people or

Hostile towards/to: opposed to.

Hostility to/towards: enmity; antagonism on.

Hot up: increase; intensity; become more exciting or critical.

Hum to: sing with closed lips.

Hunt for: search for; try to find something.

Hurry up: do something more quickly; move more quickly or too quickly.

Hype up: publicise something in a wildly exaggerated way.

Hurt to: mental pain or suffering.

Hush up: prevent something from becoming generally pride.