Prepositional Vocabulary Set 2

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 2

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with D

Dab at: lightly touch sth by pressing, but not rubbing.

Dab off: remove sth with light quick strokes.

Dabble at/in: take part without serious intentions.

Dash for: sudden forward movement.

Dash of: small amount of sth. Added or mixed.

Dawn on: gradually become clear to sb’s mind; become evident to sb.

Deaf to: unwilling to listen to dawn on her.

Deal in: sell sth; trade in sth; indulge in sth; concern oneself with sth.

Deal with: behave towards sb; tackle problem or task; attend to a problem, task, etc; manage sth; take or have sth as a subject.

Decide on/against: consider and come to a conclusion; make up one’s mind.

Decided about: determined.

Deck in/with: decorate sb/sth.

Decline in: gradual and continuous loss of strength, power, numbers etc.

Defect from: leave a party, cause, country, etc. and go to another.

Deficiency in: state of lacking sth. Essential.

Deficient in: lacking in sth.

Delegate to: choose or send sb. as a representative.

Delete from: cross out or deliberately omit sth, written or printed.

Deliberate about/on: think or talk carefully.

Delight in: enjoy sth; take great pleasure in sth.

Delude with/into: deceive sb; deliberately mislead sb.

Demand for: command.

Demonstrate to: show sth by giving proof or evidence.

Demonstrate against/for: take part in a march or a meeting to show opposition to, or support for, sth.

Depart from: behave in a way that differs from what is usual or ex-pected.

Depend on/upon: be sure, or confidently expect sth.

Depend on: follow from sth; be decided by sth.

Dependence on/upon: reliance on sb/sth; trust in sb/sth; state of having to be supported by others.

Dependent on: affected or decided by sth.

Derive from: get sth from sth; obtain sth from sth originate from; have as a source or origin.

Descend on/upon: attack sb/sth suddenly; visit sb/sth unexpectedly or inconveniently.

Descent on/upon: attack; unexpected or inconvenient visit.

Desist from: cease; stop sth/doing sth.

Despise for: feel contempt for sb/sth; consider sb/sth as worthless.

Determine on/upon: resolve; make up one’s mind about sth; decide firmly that sth will be done.

Devote to: dedicate; give time, energy, etc. to sb/sth. Devoted to: very loving loyal.

Devotion to: deep strong love.

Dictate to: say or read aloud (words to be typed, written down or recorded on tape); state or order sth with the force of authority.

Differ from: not be the same; be unlike.

Differ with: disagree.

Disappointed about/at; in/with: sad or dissatisfied because one/sb. has failed; some desired event has not happened, etc.

Disbelieve in: refuse to believe sb/sth.

Discuss with: talk or write about sth.

Disguise with: give sb/sth a false appearance; make sb/sth look or sound different

Disgust at: strong dislike for sb/sth.

Disgusted at/by/with: having a strong feeling of dislike or disapproval.

Disincentive to: thing that discourages an action/effort.

Dismissive of: dismissing in a rude, brief and casual way.

Disobedience to: failure or refusal to obey.

Disobedience to: failure or refusal to obey.

Disobedient to: not obedient.

Dispatch to: send sb/sth to a destination or your parents.

Dispense to: distribute sth.

Disproportionate to: out of proportion; relatively too large or small, etc

Dispute with: argue; debate.

Disquality from: prevent sb. from doing sth.

Disrespect to: lack of respect; rudeness.

Dissent from: have or express a different opinion from.

Distinct from: separate; different in kind.

Distinctive of: serving to make distinct or to mark a difference.

Distinguish from: recognize difference between people or things.

Distract from: stop sb. concentrating on sth.

Distracted with/by: unable to concentrate properly.

Doom to: condemn sb. to death, destruction, failure, etc.

Dotty about: Very fond of or enthusiastic about.

Doubt about: feeling of disbelief or uncertainty.

Doubtful about: (of a person) feeling doubt; unsure.

Dovetail with: fit together; combine nearly.

Draw from: pull sth smoothly out of its present position.

Draw about: make sb say more about sth.

Draw in: become shorter

Draw into/in: make sb take part in sth, especially against his will.

Drop off: allow sb. to get out of a car, etc; deliver sth on the way to somewhere else.

Drop off: fall into a light sleep; doze.

Drunk in/into: dip in liquid before eting.

Dwell in/at: reside.

Dwell on/upon: think, speak or write at length about sth.

Words beginning with E

Eager for: keen; full of interest or desire.

Ear for: sense of hearing; ability to discriminate sounds in language, etc.

Ease down: reduce speed.

Ease off: become less severe, oppressive or urgent.

Eat into: destroy; dissolve; consume with.

Educate in: train the mind and character; teach sb; provide sb with education.

Egg on: urge or strongly encourage sb to do sth. usually daring or foolish.

Elaborate on: discuss sth in detail.

Elect to: choose by vote.

Element of: necessary or characteristic part of sth.

Eligible for: suitable or fit to be chosen; having the right or proper qualifications.

Eliminate from: Remove sb/sth not wanted or needed.

Elope with: run away with a lover.

Embark on: start or engage in sth new or difficult.

Embellish with: make sth beautiful by adding ornaments etc.

Employ in/on: give work to sb, usually for payment.

Enclose with: put sth in an envelope, letter, parcel, etc.

Encounter with: sudden or unexpected hostile meeting.

Encourage in: give support, hope or confidence to sb.

Encouragement to: action of encouraging.

End in: have sth as its tip or ending.

End off: finish sth.

Endow with: provide sb naturally with any good quality or ability.

Engage in: take part in or be occupied in sth.

Engage to: (of a person or two people) having agreed to marry.

Enlighten as: give more information or knowledge to sb; free sb.

Enlist in/for: enter or cause sb.

Enough for: as many or as much of sth. as necessary; sufficient.

Enter in: register sth; record names, details, etc. in a book, etc.

Enter into: Begin to deal with sth.

Enter on/upon: begin sth; make a start on sth.

Enthusiasm for/about: great eagerness; strong feeling of admiration or interest.

Enthusiast for/about: person filled with enthusiasm.

Enthusiastic about/over: She is very enthusiastic about singing.

Entice away: try to tempt or persuade sb. by offering sth pleasant or a reward.

Entrance by/with: fill sb with great emotion on delight as if by magic.

Entrust with: trust sb. to take charge of sb/sth.

Envelop in: cover or surround sth/sb completely in sth; wrap sth/sb up.

Envious of: full of envy; feeling, showing or expressing envy.

Equal to: having the strength, courage, ability, etc. for sth.

Equate to/with: consider sth as equal or equivalent to the sth else.

Equivalent to: equal value, amount, meaning, importance, etc.

Erase from: remove all traces of sth; rule or scrape sth.

Escape from: get free; get away from imprisonment or control.

Escort to: accompany sb. as an escort.

Essential to: most important; indispensable; necessary.

Establish in: place sb/oneself in a position, office, etc.

Examine for: inspect closely; look at carefully in order to learn about or from sth.

Examine in/on: test the knowledge or ability of sb. by written or oral questions.

Excel in/at: be exceptionally good at sth.

Except for: not including

Excise from: remove by, or as if by, cutting.

Exclude from: present sb. from entering somewhere, taking part in sth, etc.

Exclusion of: action of excluding; being excluded.

Excuse for: true or invented reason given to explain or defend behavior; apology.

Exempt from: free from an obligation, duty or payment; not liable.

Exercise of: effective use or application.

Exert on: apply sth; bring a quality, skill, pressure, etc. into use.

Exhort to: advise sb. strongly or earnestly; urge sb.

Exist in/on: have being; be real or actual.

Exist on: continue living, especially with difficulty or with very little money; survive.

Expand into: become greater in size, number or importance.

Expand on: develop or give more of a story, on argument, etc.

Expend on/upon: spend, use money, etc. in doing sth.

Experiment on/upon: make an experiment.

Extent to: after or give sth.

Extort from: obtain sth by threats, violence etc.

Extort from: obtain sth by threats, violence, etc.

Extract from: obtain information, money, etc.

Extricate from: release sb/sth; set sb/sth free.

Exude from/through: (of drops of liquid, etc) ooze out; come or pass out slowly.

Exult at/in: rejoice greatly; get great pleasure from sth.

Exultant at: exulting; triumphant.