Group Discussion – Topic  5

Group Discussion – Topic  5

Today’s Group discussion Topic is –

“It is possible to bring back black money?”

Rohit: Sir, it is a very complicated topic as it is totally depended on international banking rules and regulations which are signed between the banks and nations internally. From outside we are just viewers and listeners so without hope we can do nothing.

Aakash: From my point of everything is possible by the Govt. but little will and tenacity in this regard is needed. Those who have black money, as per suspection, should be listed and their financial banking activities must be looked into by team of experts.

Kajol: But it is not an easy task to solve the matter. At first India Govt. change international banking policies and those who are black listed their all financial activities including source of business and business affairs must be examined and enquired. After summing up all the persons found guilty should be penalized and summing up black money if not possible to bring back their same value property in India should be ceased as per Govt. rules and penal code.

Ronit: But the question is if the abroad bank does not give any information what Indian Govt. can do in this regard? From my point of view at that time the Govt. should build up relationship with the banks at first then the black listed accounts must be investigated and penalized.

Rohit: Yes interrelationship between bank and Indian Govt. should be reconstructed and renovated. Then if black money can be found then the thought to bring back black money to our country will be made easy because without the help of bank it will not be made possible.

Aakash: But if interbank relationship is not possible to make, then it will be difficult to regain black-money which is at present abstruct and absurd.

Kajol: So, it can be summed up that not only international relationship should be rebuilt but also reconstructed. Otherwise apple sour story will be heard years after years.

Ronit: If motto is certain and Govt. is tenacious every deal will be made possible because person is not greater than nation.