Group Discussion – Topic  1

Group Discussion – Topic  1

Good morning young blossoms. Here Today’s topic of this discussion is cannot we live without social Media? So, let’s start to share your views.

Rahul = Good morning sir and all present here. I do not think that we cannot live with social Medias. Because a large number of people even do not use the mobile so how can we say this?

Amrit = The point is based on them who are already used to with social Medias. I believe we are now addicted in social medias like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc.

Arshad = But it does not mean we cannot live without those. Though these are now an integral part of our life but not essential.

Punit = Sorry boys if we think deeply I hope you can understand it has an important role in our society. We can not only society we cannot only meet and chat with our away friends but can also get the air of our neighbouring issues then and then.

Rahul = you are right but there are so many fake news also in the social Medias from there people get scared and it effects badly on the society.

Amrit = I think we are going out of the point. The question is if we can live without social Media. Boys I think social Media cannot us and it cannot be avoided that the name and shape of social media can be changed but the basic theme not varies like once upon a time orkut popular medium but it is now nowhere but there came another medium with another name in new shape.

Arshad = You are right my friend but it is not that social Media in life is all important. We have to welcome technology for the betterment of human race and civilization but we should not yield in front of it.

Punit = Everything is right if used in correct approach and manner social Media  has a vital role in our life but not all important this should be used in right track so that benefits can be provided to the mass.

Interviewers = Thank you so much every one. For sharing your personal views with us.

(N:B = In group discussions it is not that you have to be right always. May you say wrong sometimes but try to stand by your views with logic and confident attitude.)