Group Discussion – Topic 8

Group Discussion – Topic  8

Today’s Group discussion Topic is –

“Death Punishment for rape of miners in India: 2018”

Amit: The punishment of rapist was being under debate for a couple of years in India because the number of rape cases were increasing day by day; specially rape of minor is a shame of the nation in front of international mirror thus the new punishment of rapist under POCSO Act for protection of children from sexual offences is a weapon

Punit: it should be introduced earlier so that today we have not face shame and dishonor in front of foreign nations.

Rahul : But it should be introduced in favour of every rape victims in the country. The age bar should not be below 12 years. It may be 16 or 18 as of maturity.

 Amit: I think late is better than never. So many rape eases are not reported in India in fear of disrespect in the socity.New amendment in  POCSO rule will create a mass awareness as whole to stop the crime. Hope every rape victim will get justice in this regard.

Punit: India mass are raising their voices . against rapists so the Govt is alert . Administration is working good to eradicate this shameful crime from the nation. No relaxation should be given to any criminal of rape cases in future.

Rahul: However the age limit of bellow 12 Years is under debate. I think it should be increased upto 18 years as ‘18’ is an age of maturity of every boy and girl. So that no single girl is raped in our nation in future. Our motto is rape free India, rapist free India.

Amit: New POCSO rule to sentence “Death” penalty for bellow 12 years children’s sexual offence is a new step to eradicate this shameful crime from the country.

Punit:  We must welcome it and a mass awareness  and alertness should be grow up against rapist.

Rahul: Our awareness and raised voice will help the Govt. and administration to punish the criminals. We have to save our children from sexual offences. “POCSO Rule 2018” is a weapon to do so.