Group Discussion – Topic 9

Group Discussion – Topic  9

Today’s Group discussion Topic is –

“E- nomination : a new step in election system in India ”

Amit : E- nomination is now unavoidable because many complaints are coming from many states where many candidates can not submit nomination for election. So if e nomination is started , there will be no hindrance to submit it.

Bikash :- Technology is spreading it’s hands towards ultimism so e nomination is now mandatory in this circumstances.

Arshad :- Though this matter is now under supreme court consideration but I think it should be introduced without delay. Not only that E- vote should also be introduced in the country so that all can submit their vote without fear and hindrance.

Amit :- If e – nomination is started ruling parties can not suppress the voice of their opponents and can not attack them from submitting Nominations for elections of all categories in the country.

Bikash :- But the main problem is many rural areas of the country where the most cases of threatening happen , from there people have to face many problems to submit e Nominations as they are not accuinted with the system properly. But if they try obviously it can be spread rapidly in the whole nation.

Arshad :- Yes I think at this point awareness is necessary, and e -learning procedure should also be introduced so that unaware people can be updated with the system. Not only that e voting system is also be a big step in the country to protect democracy and rights of people.