Miscellaneous Aptitude Set 1

Miscellaneous Aptitude Set 1

In Competitive exams Miscellaneous English grammar is a vital part.This is practice set 1 aptitude test.Try to solve it.

Choose the correct alternative:

1) He was very_________ to do all the tasks.

a) Enthusiastic

b) Enthusiasm

c) Enthusiastically

Ans:-  b) Enthusiastic

2) The tried hard but did not________.

a) Success

b) Successful

c) Succeed

Ans:-  c) Succeed

3) __________is social need of the nation.

a) Aware

b) Awareness

c) Be aware

Ans:-  b) Awareness

4) Before taking any____________we must think of the fact.

a) Decision

b) Decisive

c) Decive

Ans:-  a) Decision

5) All done with equal _______ and enthusiasm.

a) Spiritual

b) Spirit

c) Spirituous

Ans:- b) Spirit

6) To communicate with God prayer with_________ is needed.

a) Spirit

b) Spirituality

c) Spiritual

Ans:- b) Spirituality

7) The man__________last night.

a) Passed away

b) Passed on

c) Passed in

Ans:-  a) Passed away

8) To __________ the bad habits just one minute decision is enough.

a) Do away

b) Do with

c) Do away with

Ans: c) Do away with

9) The Factory _______ smokes through the chimneys.

a) Gives up

b) Gives out

c) Gives away

Ans:- b) Gives out

  1. Our Proposal was_________by the chairman.

a) Turned away

b) Turned up

c) Tuned down

Ans:-  c) Tuned down