Sentence and Clause – Set 1

Sentence and Clause – Set 1

Sentence and clause are linked on the category of sentence depends on the clause and it number. Here are some examples to solve for competitive exams.

Identify the sentence and clause underlined—

  • If you do not do, you will die.

= Complex sentence (sub ordinate clanlse Adverbial clause)

  • They were too tired to walk any more.

= Simple sentence (Only one Principal clause)

  • He said that he was absent on that day.

= Complex sentence (Sule clause – Noun clause)

  • I know the place where he lives.

= Complex sentence (Sub clause – Relative clause)

  • Mark zukerbargh confessed that a mistake had been done by Facebook authority.

= complex sentence (sub clause – noun clause)

  • I know where he lives.

= Complex sentence (sub clause- Noun clause)

  • Dinesh Kartik came into light when he hit the winning stroke against Bangladesh in the final.

= Complex sentence (Sub clause- Adverbial clause)

  • I do not call up his name but I know him.

= Compound sentence (Two principal clause are linked with co-coordinating linker)