Prepositional Vocabulary Set 16

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 16

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with W

Wade in: start doing something with energy and determination.

Wade into: attack vigorously.

Wade through: read something without interest.

Wage against: begin and carry campaign, etc.

Wail for: mourn somebody.

Wait about/over: complain in loud voice.

Wait for: stay; remain inactive delay

Wake up: stop sleeping.

Walk into: become aware of something

Walk off: steal

Walk up: approach somebody/something.

Wallow about/around: lie and roll about in mud, water, etc.

Waltz off: steal something

Wander from: leave the right place or way.

Wander off: Leave the right place or way.

Wanting in: deficient.

Warrant for: written order giving authority to do something.

Wash down: drink something after or at the same time as, eating food.

Wash off: be removed from surface by washing.

Waste on: use needlessly.

Weak at/in/on: deficient

Wealth of: abundance of.

Wear off: disappear or be removed gradually.

Wear on: pass tediously

Weary of: tired of something

Wedded to: united or combined with.

Weep over: cry; shed tears.

Weigh down: make somebody/something bend or sag.

 Weight on: make somebody anxious.

Well up: flow or rise like water.

Welter of: disorderly mixture of things or people.

Wheedle into: persuade somebody to do something by being pleasant or flattering him.

Witter about: speak in a lengthy and annoying way about something unimportant.

Wolf down: eat quickly and greedily.

Work around or round: gradually approach a topic, subject etc.

Wrap around/round: fold something; round somebody/something.

Wrap up: cover or enclose something.

Wreathe in/with: cover or surround something.

Wrestle with: fight by grappling to throw somebody to the ground.

Write about/on: Work as authored or journalist.

Write down: put down in words on paper.

Write into: include something as part of.

Wrong with: in bad condition.