India’s Space Landmarks

India’s Space Landmarks

Mission Launch Date Purpose Launched From Performance
Aryabhatta April  1975 Scientific Russia Success
Bhaskara – 1 June 1979 Earth observation Russia Success
RS-D 1 (Rohini) May 1981 Test SLV-3 India Failure
APPLE June 1981 Communication French Huyana Success
 Bhaskara – II Dec, 1981 Earth observation Russia Success
INSAT – 1A April 1982 Technology application and communication US Ended
RS – D2 April 1983 Scientific India Success
INSAT – 1B August 1983 Technology application and communication US Success
IRS – 1A (Remote sensing) April 1983 Remote Sensing Russia Success
SROSS-I (Stretched Rohini) March 1987 Technology  application India Failure
SROSS – II July 1988 Technology application India Failure
INSAT – 1C July 1988 Technology application and communication French Guyana Became unusable in 1989
INSAT – 1D June 1990 To replace INSAT – B US Success
IRS – 1B August 1991 Scientific Russia Success
SROSS – III May 1992 Scientific India Success
INSAT – 2A July 1992 Communication French Guyana Success
INSAT – 2B July 1993 -do- -do- Success
INSAT -2C December 1995 TV Network + Communication -do- Success
INSAT -2D June 1997 -do- India Failure
INSAT -2DT October 1997 -do- -do- Success
INSAT  -3B March 2000 -do- -do- Success
GSLV –D1 April 2001 -do- -do- -do-
INSAT -3C Jan 2002 -do- French Guyana -do-
INSAT –3A April 2003 -do- -do- -do-


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