Some Important Trophies and Associated Games National Trophies

Some Important Trophies and Associated Games National Trophies


Associated Sport

Aga Khan Cup Hockey
All India Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup Hockey
Amrit Diwan Cup Badminton
Ashutosh Trophy Football
Bangalore Blues Challenge Cup Basketball
Barna-Bellack Cup Table Tennis (Men)
Begum Hazrat Mahal Trophy Football
Beighton Cup Hockey
Mumbai Gold Cup Hockey
Burdwan Trophy Weightlifting
Chadda cup Badminton (national Women’s team Championship)
Cha kola Gold Trophy Football
Coach Bihar Trophy Cricket
DCM Trophy Football
Deodhar Trophy Cricket
Dhyan Chand Trophy Hockey
Dr. B.C. Roy Trophy Football  (national Junior)`
Dr. Rajindra Prasad Cup Tennis
Duleep Trophy Cricket
    Durand Cup Football
EZAR Cup Polo
F.A. Cup Football
G.V. Raja Memorial Trophy Football
Gurmit  Trophy Hockey
Hiralal Cup Badminton
I.F.A Shield Football
Irani  Cup Badminton
Jaswant Singh Trophy (Best Services Sportman)
Jawarharlal Nehru Cup Hockey
Jayalakshmi Cup Table Tennis (National Women Championship)
Kuppuswamy Naidu Trophy Hockey
Lady Ratan Tata Trophy Hockey (women)
Maharaja Ranjit

Singh Gold Cup

Maulana Azad Trophy Inter-University Sports and Athletics
MCC Trophy Hockey
Mis Iqbal Hussain Trophy Football
Moin –ud-Dowla Gold Cup Cricket
Murufappa Gold Cup Hockey
Nagjee Trophy Football
Obaidullah Gold Cup Hockey
Nanak Championship Hockey (Women)
Nehru   Trophy Hockey
Nizam Gold Cup Football
Olympian Challenger Cup Badminton ( National Women’s Single)
Prithi Singh Cup Polo
Radha Mohan Cup Polo
Raghbir Singh  Memorial Cup Football
Rajkumari Challenge Cup  Table Tennis (Junior Girls)
Ramanujan Trophy Table Tennis (Junior Girls)
Ramnivas Ruia Challenge Gold Trophy Bridge
Rangaswami Cup Hockey (National Championship)
Rani Jaansi Trophy Cricket
Ranji Trophy Criket  (National Championship)
Rene Frank Trophy Hockey
Ranji Trophy Cricket (National Championship)
Rohinton  Baria Trophy Cricket ‘Inter-University
Rovers Cup Football
Sanjoy Gold Cup Football
Santosh Trophy Football
Scindia Gold Cup Hockey
Settu Cup Hockey
Shani Trophy Hockey
Sheesh Mahal Trophy Cricket
Sir Krishna Gold Cup Football
Stafford  Cup Football
Subroto Mukerji Cup Football
Surjeet Singh Cup Hockey
Todd Memorial Trophy Football
Tommy Emar Gold Cup Hockey (Women)
Vijay Merchant Trophy Cricket
Vital Trophy Cricket
Vizzy Trophy Cricket
Wellington  Trophy Rowing
Wills Cup Cricket
Winchester Cup Polo
Yadavindra Cup Hockey
Yonex Cup Badminton

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Some Important Trophies and Associated Games International Trophies