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Some Noted Works by Indian Authors

Some Noted Works by Indian Authors

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  1. K A Abbas — Bread, Beauty and Revolution
  2. H P S ahluwalia – India Wins Freedom
  3. Anita Desai – A Village by the Sea
  4. Sisir Kumar Ghosh – Beyond Modernisation, Beyond Self
  5. Promilla Kalhan – Black Wednesday
  6. B M Kaul – Untold Story
  7. K P S Menon – Many Worlds
  8. Ved Mehta – Portrait of India
  9. B N malik – Chi9nese Betrayal
  10. Nihal Singh – Indira’s India
  11. Vikram Seth – A suitable Boy, The Golden Gate
  12. Gita Mehta – A River Sutra
  13. Deepak Chopra – Ageless Body – Timeless Mind, The Ways of the Wizard
  14. Maithili Saran Gupta – Bharat Bharati , Saket
  15. Amrita Pritam – Death of a City, Fortynine Days, Kagaz Te Kanwas, The Thirteenth Sun.
  16. Ruth Prawer Jhabwala – Heat and Dust
  17. Kuldip Nayar – India, The Critical Years, The Judgement
  18. Khusswant Singh – Love, Truth and A Little Malice
  19. VV Giri – My Life and Times
  20. Pt. Ravi Sankar – My Music, My Life
  21. Milan Kundera – The Keeper of the Keys, The Joke
  22. K P S Menon – Yesterday and Today

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