MPSC Departmental Examination for Gazetted Officers [Administrative] Under the Directorate of Art – 2016 Question Paper

MPSC Departmental Examination for Gazetted Officers [Administrative] Under the Directorate of Art – 2016 Question Paper


Accounts and financial procedure and financial rules


(1) Attempt any five questions.

(2) Give proper authority in support of answer.

  1. Write short notes (any four):-

(a) Abstract Bill

(b) Consolidated Fund Marks 20

(c) Appropriation Account

(d) Kinds of interest bearing loans to Government Servants.

(e) Un-disbursed Pay and Allowances.

  1. Write in brief about general rules for accepting and handling Government money and explain in detail various forms in which security deposit from cashier, store-keeper etc. can be accepted.
  2. In which manner the Annual Budget estimates are prepared in the office? Which are the different objects of expenditure incorporated in the estimates? Explain in detail.
  3. Elaborate in detail the prescribed tender procedure adopted for supplies of articles required by the office.
  4. Describe in detail the rules for enforcement of Responsibility to be fixed for losses sustained by Government through fraud or negligence of Government Servant.
  5. Write detailed about State Public Account Committee.


Service rules, Bombay Civil services conduct, discipline and appeal rules, etc.

N.B: –

(1) Attempt any five questions.

(2) The marks for each question are indicated in margin.

(3) Indiscriminate copying of an authority will be discounted.

(4) Quote an authority in support of your answer.

  1. Write short notes (any four):-

(a) Encashment of leave after retirement

(b) Gratuity

(c) Transfer T. A.

(d) Lien

(e) Subsistence Allowance.

  1. (a) Define joining time and What are the provisions for grant of joining time to Government Servant?

(b) Describe the deduction from Subsistence Allowance.

  1. Describe the major and minor punishments which can be imposed on Government Servant.
  2. State various kinds of leave admissible to Government Servant and describe them.
  3. Explain in brief, the various kinds of pensions as admissible to the Government Servant.
  4. (a) What is subsistence allowance? Which are the Compulsory deductions and optional deductions that are made from subsistence allowance?

(b) Distinguish between (any two):-

(a) Travelling Allowance and Transport Allowance

(b) Temporary Post and Permanent Post

(c) Apprentice and Probationary Employee.

  1. Fill in the blanks:-

(a) Drawing Grade Examination was started in the year …………. in the State of old Mumbai.

(i) 1979

(ii) 1880

(iii) 1960

(iv) 1948.

(b) Drawing subject was included in syllabus of Secondary Schools in the year…………..

(i) 1880

(ii) 1960

(iii) 1879

(iv) 1885

(c) The renowned Institution in Asia continent, Sir J. J. School of Art was established in the year…………..

(i) 1875

(ii) 1885

(iii) 1857

(iv) 1965

(d) The Maharashtra State Art Exhibition was started in the year…………..

(i) 1965

(ii) 1857

(iii) 1956

(iv) 1957

(e) …………. numbers of subjects are included in the Intermediate Drawing Grade Examination.

(i) Six

(ii) Two

(iii) Four

(iv) Seven.


Current educational problem concerning administrative branch of education department


(1) Each question carry equal marks and indicated in the margin.

(2) Attempt any five questions.

  1. Explain the procedure of grant permission and grants-in-aids to Art Institutes in Maharashtra State.
  2. Explain the Structure, Duties and Responsibilities of Directorate of Art in Maharashtra State.
  3. Write short notes on the following (any two):-

(a) Maharashtra State Council of Educational Research and Training Institute.

(b) Education Committee in the School run by Private Management.

(c) Mid-day Meal Scheme. (d) State Level Art Exhibition.

  1. Explain the Role and Responsibilities of Education Officer (Primary) in Zilla Parishad with respect to Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009.
  2. Illustrate the following (any two):-

(a) Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009.

(b) Different Schemes of Education Department to motivate Girls Education.

(c) Importance of Work Experience in School Education.

(d) Government Grade Examination and Government Higher Art Examination.

  1. What is the Status of Art Education in the contest of Primary and Secondary School Curriculum?