Indian Panorama Facts Quick Revision

Indian Panorama Facts Quick Revision

1. Largest population Uttar Pradesh
2. Largest area Rajasthan
3. Smallest state in area Goa
4. Highest density of population West Bengal
5. State with more female Kerala
6. State with largest urban  population Maharashtra
7. Highest literacy rate Kerala

Previous Olympics Game Schedule

India’s Performance Record at Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games, Venue, Countries Participated, No. of Disciplines, No. of  Players participated (1930-2010)

All Railway Station Name & Station Code in Maharashtra State

Some Important Trophies and Associated Games International Trophies

Some Important Trophies and Associated Games National Trophies

Some Places Associated with Sport

Special Names o f Playgrounds & Important National Sports

Recent Winners of the Booker Prize (1990-2003)

Important Newspaper & Important News Agencies

Some Important Symbols

All International Airlines of the World

Some Important Political Parties

Some World’s Great Structures & Their Location

Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Conferences Schedule, Venue, Countries

SAARC Summits Venue (1985 to 2005)