Some World’s Great Structures & Their Location

Some World’s Great Structures & Their Location

Structure Name and Brief Description Location
Largest airport King Khalid International Airport,223, sq km, having world’s largest control tower, 74 m high Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Largest airport (roofed) King Abdul Aziz International Airport, 103 sq km area Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Highest airport Lhasa airport at 4,363 m Tibet
Lowest airport Schiphol International Airport, 3.9 m below sea level Amsterdam
      Busiest airport Chicago O’ Hare International Airport Chicago, Illinois, USA
Longest steel arch bridge New River Gorge Bridge, 518.2 , long WestVirginia, USA
Longest combined highway The Yangtse River bridge 6,772 m rail Nanking, China
and railways  bridge Deck and 4,589 road deck
Longest railway bridge Huey P Long bridge, 7,009 m Metairie, Lousiana, USA
Highest river bridge Bailey bridge built by the

Indian army, 30  m long at an altitude of 5,600 m

Colorado, Arkansas
Highest river Bridge Royal Gorge, 321 m above sea level 268 m long Colorado, Arkansas
Highest railways bridge Fades bridge on the river Sioule, 144 m long and 132.5 m above the river France
Longest rail line Trans-Siberian line from Moscow to Nakhoodka, 9,438 km Russia
Tallest office building Sear Tower, 110 storeys,443 m high Chicago, Illnois
Largest Church Basillica of St Peter built in 1492-1612, length 186.33, area 15.142 sq m Vatican City, Rome
Largest cathedral Diocese of New York, area 11,240  sq km New York
Largest mosque (in ruins) At-Malawiya mosque of at –Mutawakil, measuring  238.9m X   156 m Smarra, Iraq
Largest mosque in use Umayad                                          mosque, 157 m X 97 m, covering an area of 3.76 acres Damascus, Syria
Largest mosque Under Merdeka mosque, 45 m diameter, can accommodate Jakarta, Indonesia
Construction 50,000 people
Largest  temple Angkor Vat, 162.6 ha area, build  for Lord Vishnu by Khmer King Suryarman-II during 1113-50 AD Cambodia
Largest Railway station Grand Central Terminal, in 48 acres on two levels with 41 tracks on upper level and 26 on the lower Park  Avenue, New York
Tallest bank building Bank of Montreal, 72 storeys,

284.98 m high

Toronto, Canada

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