SAARC Summits Venue (1985 to 2005)

SAARC Summits Venue (1985 to 2005)

Summit Year Venue
First 1985 Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Second 1986 Bangalore (India)
Third 1987 Kathmandu (Nepal)
Fourth 1988 Islamabad (Pakistan)
Fifth 1990 Male (Maldives)
Sixth 1991 Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Seventh 1993 Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Eight 1995 New Delhi (India)
Ninth 1996/97 Maldives
Tenth 1998 Colombo
Eleventh 2002 Kathmandu
Twelveth 2004 Islamabad (Pakistan)
Thirteenth 2005 Dhaka (Bangladesh)

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