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Set 03 NHM Question Papers Download

1.Choose the correct comparative degree of the following pune is one of the biggest cities in India. 1) Pune is bigger than any other city in India 2) Pune is bigger than many other cities in India 3) No other city is as Pune. 4) Pune is bigger than all …

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Set Five MMRDA Question Papers Download

1.One who is left with no money. A) Bankrupt B) Wealthy C) Money spinter D) Starving Ans:-A 2.A Magazine published every two weeks called as A) Fortnightly B) Weekly C) Monthly D) Aninually Ans:-A More MMRDA Question Papers: https://mahasarkar.co.in/mmrda-question-papers/ 3. Synonym of Impotent is A) Important B) Strong C) Powerless …

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Set 4 MahaGenco Questions with Answer

1.He is Junior……me in office A) for B) than C) to D) from Ans:-C 2.Give Synonyms word-“King” A) Queen B) Emperor C) Solider D) Nane of these Ans:-B 3.There is cause…….anxiety. A) in B) for C) from D) about Ans:-B 4.Give antonyms : ‘International’ A) Exceptional B) Accidental C) Natural …

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