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MPSC Forest Service Question paper set 4

1.The restaurraant that mainly serves snacks and beverages 24 hours a day in a star hotel: A) Coffee Shop B) Chinese restaurant C) Bar D) Night Club Ans:- A) Coffee Shop 2. The following is a type of welfare catering where profit is not a motive: A) Stand alone restaurant …

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MPSC Forest Service Question paper set 3

1. Who started Sanskrit Education Centre called Tatva prakasika Ashram at Calicut? A) Vaghbatananda B) Brahmananda Swami C) V.T. Bhatathripadu D) K.P. Karuppan Ans:- A 2. Who founded Yokakhema Sabha? A) Chattampi Swamikal B) Dr. Palpu C) Pokkayil Yohannan D) V.T. Bhatathiripad Ans:- D 3. Who started the literary organization …

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MPSC Forest Service Question paper set 1

1. The Lathe Centres are provided with standard taper known as: A) Brown and sharp taper B) Morse taper C) seller’s taper D) Brown taper Ans:- B) Morse taper 2. The chuck used for setting up of heavy and irregular shaped work should be: A) Four jaw independent chuck B) …

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