Maharashtra Police Constable Question Paper set 9

1. During the compression stroke of a four strock diesel engine, the poston compresses :

A) Air fuel mixture
B) Atomised diesel
C) Disel Vapour
D) Air

Ans:- D) Air

2.The inventor of two stroke engine is :

A) Dugald Clark
B) Rudolf disel
C) james Watt
D) Nicolaus A Otto

Ans:- A) Dugald Clark

3. Theoritically during expansion process in a four stroke engine :

A) Inlet Valve opens and exhaust value closes
B) Inlet Valve close and exhaust valve opens
C) Both valve remains closed
D) Both valve remains opened

Ans:- C) Both valve remains closed

4.The nominal volume of cylinder when piston is at TDC is called :

A) strcks volume
B) swept volume
C) clearence volume
D) Suction volume

Ans:- C) clearence volume

5.Which of the flowing engine can operate at higher speed?

A) square engine
B) over square engine
C) Under square engine
D) Steam engine

Ans:- B) over square engine

6. The Process of flushing out the products of cpmbustion from the engine cylinder by fresh
charge is known as.
A) Turbo chargine
B) Super charging
C) Scavenging
D) None of the above

Ans:- C) Scavenging

7.The injection pressure in CRDI system is upto :

A) 180 bar
B) 1080 bar
C) 18000 bar
D) 1800 bar

Ans: D) 1800 bar

8. When the piston of a two stroke. Single cylinder ergine move fron BDC to TDC?

A) transfer port open and intake port closes
B) exhaust port open and transfer port clses
C) exhaust port and transfer port opens
D) none of these

Ans:- D) none of these

9.The number of Crankshaft for opposed piston engine is:

A) one
B) two
C) three
D) four

Ans:- B) two

10. The retio of Brake thermal efficiency to indicated thermal efficiency is known as :

A) Machanical efficiency
B) Relative efficiency
C) Air standard efficiency
D) Calorific value efficiency

Ans:- A) Machanical efficiency

11. Chemically correct air fuel mixture ratio for SI engine is around :

A) 15:1
B) 9:1
C) 6:1
D) 12:1

Ans:- A) 15:1

12. In Otto cycle, the addition of heat takes place at:

A) Constant pressure
B) Constant volume
C) partially at constant pressure
D) Any of the above

Ans:- B) Constant volume

13. Which of the fllowing is true for a two stroke engine?

A) fuel efficiency is more than four stroke engine of same size
B) higher oil consumption
C) used for two wheelers only
D) eco friendly

Ans:- B) higher oil consumption

14. Which type of nozzle can be used for faciliating pilot injection before the main injection?

A) Single hole nozzle
B) Multi hole nozzle
C) Pintle nozzle
D) Pintaux nozzle

Ans:- D) Pintaux nozzle

15. At the ventury throat of the Carburettor the velocity of air is :

A) Maximum
B) Decreases
C) Increases
D) Remains same as before

Ans:- A) Maximum

16.The condition at which the engine operates at no load and with nearly closed throttle is

A) Dieseling
B) Cruising
C) Idling
D) None of the above

Ans:- C) Idling

17.The reference fuels uded for comparing the anti knock value of SI engine fuel is:

A) Benzene and tetraethyl lead
B) Iso octane and normal heptance
C) Normal cetane and alpha methyl naphathalene
D) Benzene and iso octane

Ans:- B) Iso octane and normal heptance

18. Releasing of clutch pedal causes :

A) load on release finger
B) the compression of pressure spring
C) Pressure plate move away from clutch dise
D) Pressure plate move twoards clutch dise

Ans:- D) Pressure plate move twoards clutch dise

19.Clutch shaft is also known as :

A) Transmission input shaft
B) Counter shaft
C) Lay shaft
D) Main shaft

Ans:- A) Transmission input shaft

20.Throw out bearing is used to :

A) reduce friction on clutch dise
B) engage the clutch
C) disengage the clutch
D) none of the above

Ans:- C) disengage the clutch

21. Excess clutch ftee pedal play causes :

A) Clutch slipping
B) Difficulty in gear shifting
C) Wear of release bearing
D) Wear of clutch dise

Ans:- B) Difficulty in gear shifting

22.Which of the following is not a function of final drive of beavy vehicle?

A) final speed reduction
B) power transmission
C) reduction of torque
D) none of the above

Ans:- C) reduction of torque

23.Which of the following is not an advantage of overdrive?

A) Fuel economy
B) Increase of torque
C) Reduced engine wear
D) High vehicle sp at low engine speed


24.The torque is measured in:

A) N-m
B) Nm/Second
C) N/m
D) N/m2

Ans:- A) N-m

25.The part of synchromesh gear box which is splined to the transmission output shaft is:

A) Synchroniser sleeve
B) Synchroniser ring
C) Mainshaft gear
D) synchroniser hub

Ans:- D) synchroniser hub

26. Idler gear is used to engage:

A) First gear
B) synchroniser ring
C) Reverse gear
D) Top gear

Ans:- C) Reverse gear

27.The tendancy of front wheel drive cars with unequel length of half shaft to pull to oneside during acceleration is known as:

A) Torque steer
B) Self steer
C) Power steer
D) None of the above

Ans:- A) Torque steer

28.Torsion bar is also known as

A) stabilizer rod
B) Anti roll bar
C) Trailing rod
D) Radius rod

Ans:- D) Radius rod

29. In macpherson type suspension system shock absorber is mounted on :

A) Lower which bone
B) upper whish bone
C) Struc
D) Spring

Ans:- C) Struc

30. Leaf springs are connected to frame through shackles for :

A) reduce friction
B) avoid breaking of spring
C) avoid rolling of vehicle
D) none of the above

Ans:- B) avoid breaking of spring

31.Torsion bar is attatched to :

A) Lower arm
B) Upper arm
C) Shock absorber
D) Steering knuckle

Ans:- A) Lower arm

32. Exhaust gas recirculation system is chiefly means to reduce the emission of :

B) CO2
C) NOx
D) SO4

Ans:- C) NOx

33.Which of the following is not an effect of increased amount of axhaust gas recirculation?

A) engine brake power decreases
B) specific fuel consumption decreases
C) brake specific fuel consumption increases
D) none of the above

Ans:- B) specific fuel consumption decreases

34.The catalyst used for the reduction of NOx in three way catalytic converter is :

A) Platinum
B) Palladium
C) Rodium
D) All of the above

Ans:- C) Rodium

35.The speed of distributor cam is :

A) same as engine speed
B) half of engine speed
C) one fourth of camshaft speed
D) none of the above

Ans:- B) half of engine speed

36.The dwell angle for a four cylinder engine is in the range of

A) 48* to 52*
B) 55* to 70*
C) 36* to 42*
D) 10* to 32*

Ans:- A) 48* to 52*

37.The condensor in ignition system is mounted:

A) On ignition coil
B) On distributor cap
C) Outside the distributor
D) Inside the distributor

Ans:- D) Inside the distributor

38.The secondary terminal of Ignition coil is connected to :

A) Ameter
B) Distributor cap
C) Spark plug
D) Battery

Ans:- B) Distributor cap

39. which of the following unit is used to express the capacity of condensor?

A) tesla
B) webber
C) candela
D) micro farads

Ans:- D) micro farads

40. The specifc gravity of electrolyte can be checked with :

A) hygrometer
B) voltmeter
C) multimeter
D) hydrometer

Ans:- D) hydrometer

41.Open circuit voltage of a 12V lead acid battery in fully charged condition is :

A) 2 V
B) 12.6 V
C) 2.5 V
D) 14 V

Ans:- C) 2.5 V

42.The voltage of each cell of alkalinr bettery is :

A) 1.2 V
B) 2.2 V
C) 6.2 V
D) None of the above

Ans:- C) 6.2 V

43. The speed of generator at which its output voltage just rises above the voltage of battery being charged is called:

A) Cut in speed
B) Synchronous speed
C) Run off speed
D) Run out seed

Ans:- A) Cut in speed

44. The purpose of brushes in alternator of automobiles is:

A) To collect current from rotor winding
B) To collect current from stator winding
C) To convey current from battery to stator
D) To convey current from battery to rotor

Ans:- D) To convey current from battery to rotor

45. In an alternator current is induced in

A) Rotor winding
B) Stator winding
C) Carbon Brushes
D) Slip rings

Ans:- B) Stator winding

46.In starter motor the field coils are wound around :

A) Commutator
B) Pole shoes
C) Yoke
D) None of the above

Ans:- B) Pole shoes

47. the reflector used in automobilile head lamp is of

A) Spherical shape
B) Hemispherical shape
C) Hyperbolic shape
D) parabolic shape

Ans:- D) parabolic shape

48. the purpose of filling insert the bulb is:

A) to reduce filament temperature
B) to avoid dazzling effect
C) to avoid vapourisation of filament
D) none of the above

Ans:- C) to avoid vapourisation of filament

49.Metal halide type HID head lamps are popularly known as :

A) Mercury vapour lamp
B) Xenon lamp
C) Low pressure sodium lamp
D) high pressure sodium lamp

Ans:- B) Xenon lamp

50.Transler case is used in :

A) front wheel drive vehicles
B) rear wheel drive vehicles
C) four wheel drive vehicles
D) All of the above

Ans:- C) four wheel drive vehicles