Maharashtra Forest Development Corporation Question Paper Download Set 9

  1. 1. The method of quantity surveying used in Government Departments:
    A) Center line method
    B) Separate wall method
    C) Rate analysis
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Separate wall method2. Estimate expected to be least accurate is:
    A) Supplementary estimate
    B) Plinth area estimate
    C) Detailed estimate
    D) Revised estimate
    Ans:- Plinth area estimate

    3. How many bricks are required for making one cubic meter wall?
    A) 300
    B) 700
    C) 500
    D) 900
    Ans:- 500

    4. The gradual reduction in value with age of a property is known as:
    A) Devaluation
    B) Revaluation
    C) Depreciation
    D) Appreciation
    Ans:- Depreciation

    5. Stable equilibrium of a submerged body can be achieved if:
    A) B is above G
    B) G is above B
    C) G and B coincide
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- B is above G

    6. Pilot tube is used to measure:
    A) Pressure in a static fluid
    B) Velocity in a flowing stream
    C) Total pressure
    D) Dynamic pressure
    Ans:- Velocity in a flowing stream

    7. The depth of flow at which specific energy is minimum is called:
    A) Normal depth
    B) Alternate depth
    C) Critical depth
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Critical depth

    8. Hydrograph is a plot of:
    A) Rain fall intensity against time
    B) Discharge against time
    C) Cumulative rain fall against time
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Discharge against time

    9. For an area of 1000 sq km, the number of rain gauge stations will be:
    A) 2
    B) 10
    C) 40
    D) 5
    Ans:- 2
    10. Sugar cane is :
    A) Perennial crop
    B) Kharif crop
    C) Rabi crop
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Perennial crop

    11. The most efficient cross section of a channel is:
    A) Triangular
    B) Square
    C) Semicircular
    D) Trapezoidal
    Ans:- Trapezoidal

    12. The stabilizing force in gravity dam is :
    A) Wind force
    B) Water force
    C) Uplift
    D) Weight of the dam
    Ans:- Weight of the dam

    13. To estimate the water quantity which one of the following is most important?
    A) Rate of demand and population
    B) Cost of supply and population
    C) Adequacy of source and cost of supply
    D) All the above
    Ans:- Rate of demand and population

    14. The quantity of water requirement for domestic purpose is :
    A) 50 I/c/d
    B) 85 I/c/d
    C) 135 I/c/d
    D) 300 I/c/d
    Ans:- 135 I/c/d

    15. The permissible pH value of potable water is :
    A) 7
    B) 7 to 8.5
    C) 6 to 7
    D) Zero
    Ans:- 7 to 8.5

    16. B O D in potable water may be:
    A) Zero
    B) 5
    C) 10
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Zero
    17. The rise of the carriage way at the outer edge is termed
    A) Gradient
    B) Super elevation
    C) Camber
    D) Transition curve
    Ans:- Super elevation

    18. Bottommost layer of pavement is known as:
    A) Wearing course
    B) Base course
    C) Sub base course
    D) Sub grade course
    Ans:- Sub grade course

    19. Tyre pressure influences the:
    A) Total depth of pavement
    B) Quality of surface course
    C) Both of the above
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Quality of surface course

    20. The bars in cement concrete pavements are at:
    A) Expansion joints
    B) Contraction joints
    C) Warping joints
    D) Longitudinal joints
    Ans:- Longitudinal joints

    21. Which of the following test measures the hardness of road aggregates?
    A) crushing test
    B) abrasion test
    C) impact test
    D) soundness test
    Ans:- abrasion test

    22. The max design gradient for vertical profile of a road is :
    A) Ruling gradient
    B) Limiting gradient
    C) Exceptional gradient
    D) Minimum gradient
    Ans:- Ruling gradient

    23. Grading curve is drawn from the data of:
    A) Liquid limit test
    B) Sieve analysis
    C) Compaction test
    D) Shear box test
    Ans:- Sieve analysis

    24. A well graded sandy soil containing clay is represented by the symbol as per IS classification:
    A) SW
    B) SC
    C) SB
    D) CS
    Ans:- Update soon
    25. The possibility of quick sand condition will be there when flow of water to soil is:
    A) Horizontal
    B) Upwards
    C) Downwards
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Upwards

    26. Compaction of soil is measured in terms of:
    A) Specific gravity
    B) Voids ratio
    C) Compressibility
    D) Dry density
    Ans:- Dry density

    27. Static sheep foot roller is most effective in compacting:
    A) Gravel
    B) Sand
    C) Clay
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Clay

    28. In a shear box test the failure plane is :
    A) Weakest plane
    B) Horizontal plane
    C) Vertical plane
    D) Principal plane
    Ans:- Horizontal plane

    29. Slope deflection method is:
    A) Equilibrium method
    B) Deformation method
    C) Stiffness coefficient method
    D) All of the above

    Ans:- All of the above

    30. The most important tool in obtaining influence lines is :
    A) Eddy’s theorem
    B) Willot Mohr diagram
    C) Muller Breslau Method
    D) Column analogy
    Ans:- Muller Breslau Method

    31. Which arch is statically determinate structure?
    A) Single hinged arch
    B) Two hinged arch
    C) Three hinged arch
    D) Fixed arch
    Ans:- Three hinged arch

    32. Which of the following is a force method?
    A) Slope deflection method
    B) Column analogy method
    C) Moment distribution method
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Column analogy method

    33. For splicing tension reinforcement in flexural members, the most suitable location is:
    A) Point of inflexion
    B) Point of max BM
    C) At the supports
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Point of inflexion

    34. For the same sectional area which beam will deflect least:
    A) T – beam
    B) Rectangular beam
    C) Circular beam
    D) I –beam
    Ans:- I –beam

    35. Which of the following is generally not designed for shear?
    A) Slap
    B) Cantilever beam
    C) Footing
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Slap

    36. In RCC column if ties are not provided, the column will likely to:
    A) Fail by crushing
    B) Fails by buckling
    C) Behave like a beam
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Fails by buckling

    37. A surface water tank will be economical if the shape is :
    A) Circular
    B) Square
    C) Rectangular
    D) All the above
    Ans:- Circular

    38. AT – shaped retaining wall consists of:
    A) One cantilever
    B) Two Centilevers
    C) Three cantilevers
    D) None of the above
    Ans:- Three cantilevers

    39. Which of the following is not considered in footings?
    A) Bending moment
    B) Shear
    C) Punching stress
    D) Torsion
    Ans:- Torsion

    40. Design consideration for a steel beam is :
    A) Flexural strength
    B) Stiffness
    C) Economy
    D) All the above
    Ans:- All the above