Maharashtra Forest Development Corporation Question Paper Download Set 7

1. Vaikam sathyagraha was started at the time of :
A) Sree Moolam Thirunal
B) Swathi Thirunal
C) Visakham
D) Rani Lakshmi Bai
Ans:- (A) Sree Moolam Thirunal

2. Who was known as “Kerala valmeeki”?
A) C.V. Raman Pillai
B) Kumaranasan
C) N.Krishna
D) Vallathol
Ans:- (D) Vallathol

3. “Ethu Bhoomiyanu” was the famous Drama written by :
A) K. Damodaran
B) V.T. Bhattathirippadu
C) K.T. Muhammad
D) Premji
Ans:- (C) K.T. Muhammad

4. The Constitution of India was adopted on :
A) January 26; 1950
B) November 26; 1949
C) August 15; 1947
D) January 26; 1949
Ans:- (B) November 26; 1949

5. Who was the first lady magistrate of India?
A) Anna Chandi
B) Sujatha Manohar
C) Omana Kunjamma
D) K.K. Usha
Ans:- (C) Omana Kunjamma

6. World Aids day is on :
A) Dec. 1
B) Nov. 1
C) Dec. 30
D) Nov. 30
Ans:- (A) Dec. 1

7. Founder of Sadhujana paripalana Sangam :
A) Vaybhadananda
B) Sree narayana Guru
C) Velukkutty Arayan
D) Ayyankali
Ans:- Ayyankali

8. Rajaji national park is situated at :
A) Gujarat
B) Utharakhandu
C) Otissa
D) Assam
Ans:- Utharakhandu

9. Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Akkadami is situated at :
A) Thrissur
B) Ernakulam
C) Kottayam
D) Thiruvananthapuram

10. The Smallest Taluk is Kerala :
A) Eranadu
B) Kunnathur
C) Kochi
D) Alappuzha
Ans:- Thrissur

11. In chain surveying at circumstances ranging is done?
A) When the stations are intervisible
B) When the length of the survey line is more than the chain length
C) To set out the foot of a perpendicular from a point outside the survey line
D) When the ranging rods are not available
Ans:- When the length of the survey line is more than the chain length

12. A dumpy level is set up between stations A and B. Staff is held at A whose reduced level is 100.000 and back Sight is noted as 1.100,then Fore Sight is noted as 1.000 after holding the staff B. What is the reduced level of B?
A) 100.100
B) 101.000
C) 99.900
D) 101.100
Ans:- 100.100

13. Which of the following types of bond contains, alternate course of headers and stretchers as the main feature?
A) Flemish Bond
B) Stretcher Bond
C) English Bond
D) Header Bond
Ans:- English Bond

14. What is meant by batching of concrete?
A) Process of measuring the required quantities of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water
B) Process of determining the required proportions of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water for a particular mix.
C) Process of mixing the required quantities of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water for a particular mix
D) Process of separating the different types of concrete into different batches
Ans:- Process of measuring the required quantities of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water

15. Which among the following is not a structural steel section?
A) Channel Section
B) Angle section
C) T- section
D) Tor steel
Ans:- Tor steel

16. In a two stroke engine, the working cycle is completed by_________ revolution of the crankshaft.
A) Two
B) One
C) Three
D) Four
Ans:- One

17. The fuel injection used in:
A) Diesel engine
B) Gas engine
C) Petrol engine
D) Steam engine
Ans:- Diesel engine

18. The clutch is located between the engine and:
A) Gear box
B) Universal joint
C) Rear axle
D) Differential
Ans:- Gear box

19. Uranium is used as a primary fuel in_________power plant.
A) Steam
B) Hydroelectric
C) Diesel
D) Nuclear
Ans:- Nuclear

20. In an automobile transmission system the drive from gear box to the rear axle is taken by:
A) Clutch
B) Universal joint
C) Propeller shaft
D) Differential
Ans:- Propeller shaft

21. A 4-ohm resistor is connected across a 12 V battery. The current flowing will be :
A) 4 A
B) 6 A
C) 3 A
D) 2 A
Ans:- 3 A

22. A series RL circuit is connected to a 100 V 50 Hz supply. The resulting current in 10 A and power consumed is 500 W. The power factor of the circuit is :
A) 0.5 lag
B) 0.5 lead
C) Unity
D) Zero
Ans:- 0.5 lag

23. Earthing of electric installations are done using:
A) Insulated Copper wire
B) Bare Aluminium wire
C) Insulated aluminium wire
D) Bare Copper Conductor
Ans:- Bare Copper Conductor

24. A 3-ohm resistor is connected is parallel to 6-ohm resistor. The combination is connected in series to an 8-ohm resistor. A 10-ohm resistor is connected in parallel to the whole combination. The effective resistance is
A) 10 ohms
B) 5 ohms
C) 26 ohms
D) 20 ohms
Ans:- 5 ohms

25. A 10 ohm resistor is connected across a 20 V battery. Power consumed is :
A) 400 W
B) 200 W
C) 80 W
D) 40 W
Ans:- 40 W

26. All CDMA based technologies have____________handovers.
A) Hard
B) Soft
C) Softer
D) None of above
Ans:- Soft

27. What is the toxic substance contained by typical electronic waste?
B) Dioxin
C) Pesticides like compounds
D) Heavy metals
Ans:- Update soon

28. How are microcontrollers classified on the basic of internal bus width?
A) 8, 16, 32 64 bits
B) 4, 8, 16, 32 bits
C) 8, 16 bits
D) 4, 16, 32 bits
Ans:- 4, 8, 16 32 bits

29. For a full wave rectified sine wave, mean value is :
A) 0.70 im
B) 0.636 im
C) 0.5 im
D) 0.318 Im
Ans:- 0.636 im

30. System on chip means :
A) It consist of both analog and digital IC
B) Only analog IC
C) Only digital IC
D) None of above
Ans:- It consist of both analog and digital IC

31. The rocks formed due to consolidation of weathered particles of the existing rocks are called :
A) Sedimentary rocks
B) Igneous rocks
C) Metamorphic rocks
D) Stratified rocks
Ans:- Sedimentary rocks

32. In brick masonry the frog of the brick is generally kept on :
A) Top face
B) Bottom face
C) Exposed face
D) Interior face
Ans:- Top face

33. First class bricks should not absorb water more than :
A) 20%
B) 22%
C) 25%
D) 15%
Ans:- 20%

34. The innermost part of the stem, which consists entirely of cellular tissues, is called :
A) Heart
B) Bark
C) Cambium
D) Sap wood
Ans:- Bark

35. Pulverizing clinkers and mixing_________result in the material called cement.
A) Gypsum
B) Limestone
C) Clay
D) Silica
Ans:- Gypsum

36. The exposed vertical surfaces perpendicular to window or door frame are called :
A) Sill
B) Jamb
C) Reveals
D) Cornice
Ans:- Reveals

37. The treatment of joints in masonry construction is called :
A) Plastering
B) Pointing
C) Painting
D) None of the above
Ans:- Pointing

38. The under surface of a stair is called :
A) Head room
B) Scotia
C) Soffit
D) None of the above
Ans:- Soffit

39. The operation of providing new permanent foundations is called :
A) Shoring
B) Scaffolding
C) Under pinning
D) None of the above
Ans:- Under pinning

40. Plastics can be broadly classified as :
A) Monomers and polymers
B) Thermosetting and thermoplastic
C) Soft and hard
D) Elastic and Right
Ans:- Thermosetting and thermoplastic

41. Which of the following is not an excavating equipment?
A) Power showel
B) Scraper
C) Dragline
D) Hoe
Ans:- Scraper

42. In PERT analysis the actual performance of take is known as :
A) Activity
B) Event
C) Task
D) Work
Ans:- Activity

43. The survey in which curvature of earth is taken into consideration is called :
A) Plane survey
B) Geodetic survey
C) Geological survey
D) Aerial survey
Ans:- Geodetic survey

44. The longest chain line passing through the center of the area is known as :
A) Base line
B) Tie line
C) Check line
D) All the above
Ans:- Base line

45. The total station instrument is a :
A) Infrared wave instrument
B) Light wave instrument
C) Microwave instrument
D) None of the above
Ans:- Infrared wave instrument

46. Turning the telescope in horizontal plane is called:
A) Transiting
B) Centering
C) Swinging
D) None of the above
Ans:- Swinging

47. The level tube/bubble tube in filled with :
A) Air
B) Water
C) Alcohol
D) None of the above
Ans:- Alcohol

48. Instrument used to enlarging and reducing plans :
A) Clinometer
B) Pantagraph
C) Ceylon ghat tracer
D) None of the above
Ans:- Pantagraph

49. The point on the celestial sphere exactly above the observer’s station is known as :
A) Zenith
B) Pole
C) Nadir
D) None of the above
Ans:- Zenith

50. The process of determining the present value of a building is called :
A) Estimation
B) Valuation
C) Costing
D) None of the above
Ans:- Valuation