Maharashtra Police Constable Question Paper set 7

1. Identify the unit in which there is an error :

Many people are painting their houses white these days

a b c
1) only -(a) (2) only-(b) (3) only-(c) (4) No error

Ans:- (4) No error

2.Change the following into interrogative :

‘She drew a picture’.

(1) Was she drawing an picture ?
(2) Have she drawn a picture ?
(3) Did she draw a picture ?
(4) Has she draw a picture ?

Ans:- (3) Did she draw a picture ?

3.Fill in the blank with the correct form of the tense given in bracket
Reena did not go to school yesterday as she________(finish) her homework.

(1) had not finished
(2) have not finished
(3) has not finished
(4) will not finished

Ans:- (1) had not finished

4.Identify the correct figure of speech h the given lines.

Alone, alone, all, all alone
Alone on a wide, wide sea

(1) Personificatioi
(2) Alliteration
(3) Apostrophe
(4) Irony

Ans:- (2) Alliteration

5.Change the following into indirect specch :
She said to him, “1 know you.”

(1) She said to him that I knew him.
(2) She said to him that she knew me.
(3) She said to him that she knew him.
(4) She said to him that she knows him.

Ans:- (3) She said to him that she knew him.

6.Choose the most suitable word opposite in meaning of the word :

(1) accidental
(2) formal
(3) informal
(4) systematic

Ans:- (2) formal

7.Find out the incorrect sentence from the following :

(1) Fifty thousand rupees is a big amount.
(2) Ten miles are not a short distance.
(3) Five years is a long period.
(4) One of ihe books is damaged.

Ans:- (2) Ten miles are not a short distance.

8.Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct phrasal verb :
She is very strong. She does not_________easily.

(1) give in
(2) give UP
(3) give out
(4) give away

Ans:- (2) give UP

9.Choose the right option for the following underlined idiom.
I am prepared to meet you half-way.

(1) Come to discuss with you.
(2) Come to a compromise with you.
(3) Come to celebrate with you.
(4) Come to fight with you.
Ans:- (2) Come to a compromise with you.

10.Fill in the blank with correct preposition :
He has been in hospital_________last week.

(1) in
(2) for
(3) since
(4) from

Ans:- (3) since

11.Fill the blanks from the options given below.
It_________already________raining when I________an umbrella..

(1) stopped, brought, had
(2) had, brought, stopped
(3) brought, stopped, had
(4) had, stopped, brought

Ans:- (4) had, stopped, brought

12.Choose the correct option to fill in the blank :
My eyes are aching now because I_______since morning.

(1) am reading
(2) have read
(3) have been reading
(4) read

Ans:- (3) have been reading

13.Idenhfy the part of speech of the underlined word :
He is an && boy, he does not work

(1) Noun
(2) Verb
(3) Adjective
(4) Adverb

Ans:- (3) Adjective

14.Select the word which means the same as the following g~oup ofwords :

‘One who does not believe in God.’

(1) Unreligious
(2) Atheist
(3) Pagan
(4) Theist

Ans:- (2) Atheist

15.Complete the following sentence by using the correct option :
Man is related to shout i11 the same way crow is related to__________.

(1) caw
(2) chirp
(3) mutter
(4) mob

Ans:- (1) caw

16.Find out the word that is misspelt :

(1) Believe
(2) Relieve
(3) Grieve
(4) Decieve

Ans:- (4) Decieve

17.A word is spelt in four different ways, out of which only one is correct. Find the correctlyspelt word :

(1) Commettee
(2) Committe
(3) Comittee
(4) Committee

Ans:- (4) Committee

18.Kolkata is more populous than most other cities of India.
Which of the following option is correctly converted from the above sentence,

(1) Kolkata is the most popular city of India.
(2) There is no other city in India as populous as Kolkata.
(3) Some other cities of India are not more populous than Kolkata.
(4) Kolkata is one of Lhe most populous cities of India.

Ans:- (4) Kolkata is one of Lhe most populous cities of India.

19.Choose the correct word which expresses the meaning of the underlined word in the
following sentence :

She looked at the physically challenged children with contempt.

(1) hatred
(2) disrespect
(3) pity
(4) Sympathy

Ans:- (2) disrespect

20.Fill in the blank by choosing the correct alternative :
Is that my book, or is it__________?

(1) Your
(2) Your’s
(3) Yours
(4) Your’s book

Ans:- (3) Yours

21.Choose the correct pair of articles to kill in the blanks :
He was________honest man but________people in the neighbourhood did not like him.

(1) a, the
(2) the, a
(3) an, the
(4) the, the

Ans:- (3) an, the

22. Choose the right option given below. Convert the following into indirect speech.
“Have you finished your lesson, Hari ?” Said Mr. Sharma to his son.

(1) Mr. Sharma said to Hari if he had finished his lesson.
(2) Mr. Sharma said tu his son Hari that have you finished your lesson.
(3) Mr. Sharma asked his son Hari whether he had finished his lesson.
(4) Mr. Sharma enquired of his son Hari that whether had he finished his lesson.

Ans:- (3) Mr. Sharma asked his son Hari whether he had finished his lesson.

23.Arrange the folIowing sentences in proper sequence.

(a) He gives raw materials for many industries.
(b) If the agriculture fails, the industry fails and the whole national economy collapses.
(c) The farmer is the very backbone of our national economy.
(d) He gives food to the nation.

Answer options :

(1) (c) (a), (d), (b)
(2) (d), (b), (c), (a)
(3) (c), (d), (a), (b)
(4) (b), (d), (a), (c)

Ans:- (3) (c), (d), (a), (b)

24.Fill in the blank with the correct word from the given options :
Walking twenty kilometres non-stop is quite a___________.

(1) feat
(2) feet
(3) fit
(4) foot

Ans:- (1) feat

25.Match (A) and (B) to make four meaningful sentences :

(A) (B)
(a) Never talk (i) After the match had been over
(b) We marched back (ii) When the sun had set
(c) The farmer left his fields (iii) Where from it cannot return
(d) His soul has reached (iv) While you are at meals

Answer options :

(a) (b) (c) (d)

(1) (iv) (i) (ii) (iii)
(2) (iii) (ii) (i) (iv)
(3) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
(4) (iv) (iii) (ii) (i)

Ans:- (1) (iv) (i) (ii) (iii)

26.Choose the meaning of the underlined idiom :

She’s a great singer. She’ll make it big one day.

(1) become rich
(2) become famous
(3) become popular
(4) make the record

Ans:- (2) become famous

27.Identify the unit in which there is an error :
There is Several reasons for your mistakes.

(a) (b) (c)
(1) only – (a) (2) only – (b) (3) only – (c) (4) No error

Ans:- (1) only – (a)

28. Choose the alternative that indicates correct meaning of the underlined word :
Inspite of the financial constraint, Vishal started his business and very soon became a
successful industrialist

(1) Freedom
(2) Restriction
(3) Support
(4) Promise

Ans:- (2) Restriction

29.Pick oul the correct sentence from the following :

(a) The drought in this year is very serious.
(b) What has he been doing from Tuesday ?
(c) He will return at midnight.
(d) 1 met him on lasl Monday.

Answer options :

(1) (a) and (b) are correct
(2) (c) and (d) are correct
(3) only (c) is correct
(4) only (c) is incorrect

Ans:- (3) only (c) is correct

30.Identify the kind of sentence given below :
She must weep or she will die.

(1) Simple sentence
(2) Compound sentence
(3) Complex sentence
(4) Compound – Complex sentence

Ans:- (2) Compound sentence

31.Fill in the blank with appropriate pair of prepositions :
Jawaharlal Nehru was born_________Allahabad__________Uttar Pradesh.

(1) at, in
(2) in, at
(3) in, from
(4) in, in

Ans:- (1) at, in

32.Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb from the given optioils :
I was__________his behaviour.

(1) shocked for
(2) shocked on
(3) shocked from
(4) shocked at

Ans:- (4) shocked at

33.Which of the following pairs of antonyms is incorrect :

(a) Accept x Reject
(b) BIoom x Fade
(c) Defend x Suspend
(d) Progress x Regress

Answer options :

(1) (a) only
(2) (a)and (b)
(3) (c) only
(4) (c) and (d)

Ans:- (3) (c) only

34.Fill in the blank :

My Father_________me to go to picnic with my friends.

(1) aloud
(2) allowed
(3) Pray
(4) Prey

Ans:- (2) allowed

35.Fill in the blank with the correct word choosing from the given options :
The__________of our house was leaking because of heavy rain.

(1) Sealing
(2) Ceiling
(3) Sailing
(4) Celling

Ans:- (2) Ceiling

36.Choose the right option for the following underlined idiom.
Today he is in high spirits.

(1) Fearful
(2) Joyful
(3) Hopeful
(4) Greatful

Ans:- (2) Joyful

37.Identify the correct meaning of the expression : viz.

(1) Namely
(2) Contrary
(3) In fact
(4) In short

Ans:- (1) Namely

38.Identify the correct sentence from the following :

(1) Death is preferable than dishonour.
(2) Death is preferable to dishonour.
(3) Dying is preferable to dishonour.
(4) Dying is most preferable to dishonour.

Ans:- (2) Death is preferable to dishonour.

39.Choose from the given alternatives the word which is opposite in meaning of the underlined word :

He issues only verbal orders to escape the inquiry against those orders in future.

(1) Oral
(2) Vague
(3) Informal
(4) Written

Ans:- (4) Written

40.Idenhfy the correct and incorrect sentence from the following :

(a) One of the boys told me about Asha’s result.
(b) He has only one woolen trouser.

Answer options :

(1) (a) is correct (b) is incorrect
(2) (b) is correct (a) is incorrect
(3) Both (a) and (b) are correct
(4) Both (a) and (b) are incorrect

Ans:- (1) (a) is correct (b) is incorrect

41.__________established parallel government in Satara during the Quit India Movement.

(1) Nardev Shastri
(2) Umaji Naik
(3) Ganpatrao Kathle
(4) Nana Patil

Ans:- (4) Nana Patil

42.Who are known as ‘Brothers-in-Law’ ?

(a) Phirozshah Mehta – Badmddin Tayyabaji – Kashinath Telang
(b) Dinsha Wachha – Dadabhai Nauroji – Shivram Sathe
(c) Ramchandra Sane – Shitaram Chiplunkar – Gopalkrishna Gokhale
(d) Krishnaji Nulkar – Narayan Chandavarkar – Gangaram Maske

Which of Lhe statement/s given above is/are correct ?

(1) (a) and (b) only
(2) (a), (b) and (d) only
(3) (a) only
(4) (a) and (c) only

Ans:- (3) (a) only

43.Who started the weekly, stating that what is your name ? Mutiny. What is our work ?
Mutiny. Where will Mutiny break out ? In India ?

(1) Gaddar
(2) Dhurnketu (Comet)
(3) Dyanprakash
(4) Prabhakar

Ans:- (1) Gaddar

44.On the basis of size of the geographical area, idenhfy the correct option arranged with the order from small to large size dishict. Choose that option for the correct answer.

(1) Hingoli – Sindhudurg – Gondia – Nandurbar
(2) Hingoli – Gondia – Sindhudurg – Nandurbar
(3) Sindhudurg – Hingoli – Nandurbar – Gondia
(4) Sindhudurg – Gondia – Hingoli – Nandurbar

Ans:- (1) Hingoli – Sindhudurg – Gondia – Nandurbar

45.Which industry is found at Nagbhid in Chandrapur ?

(1) Lugdi
(2) Resham cloth
(3) Wood toys
(4) Blanket (chadri)

Ans:- (2) Resham cloth

46.According to the Department of Agriculture, Government of Maharashha data of 9.11.17,which of the following two divisions received more than 90% rainfall to their normal rainfall between June 2017 and October 2017 ?

(1) Pune and Nagpur
(2) Pune and Amravati
(3) Konkan and Nasik
(4) Aurangabad and Nagpur

Ans:- (3) Konkan and Nasik

47. According to the report of Civil Registration System, 2015, sex ratio at birth has been recorded as a highest at Dadar – Nagar Haveli (1001), followed by Tripura (1000),
Meghalaya (975) and___________(973).

(1) Maharashha and Kerala
(2) Goa and Chhattisgarh
(3) Sikkim and Mizoram
(4) Puducherry and Andhra Pradesh

Ans:- (3) Sikkim and Mizoram

48.In Maharashtra first cotton textile mill was started by________in__________.

(1) Kamraj Dawar – 1855
(2) Jamshedji Tata – 1854
(3) Kawasaji Dawar – 1854
(4) Jijibhai Tata – 1855

Ans:- (3) Kawasaji Dawar – 1854

49.The water storage of Koyana project in Maharashtra is known as_________.

(1) Nathsagar
(2) Shivsagar
(3) Yashwantsagar
(4) Naldamyantisagar

Ans:- (2) Shivsagar

50.Observe the following statements :

(a) The climate of Maharashtra is tropical Monsoon type.
(b) Maharashtra receives rainfall between September to October from Chinuk winds.
(c) Amboli receive highest rainfall in Maharashtra.

Answer Options :

(1) Only statement (a) is correct.
(2) Only statement (c) is correct.
(3) Statement (a) and (c) are correct.
(4) Statement (a) and (b) are correct.

Ans:- (3) Statement (a) and (c) are correct.