MPSC Departmental Examination in Accounts for Gazatted Officers of the Agriculture Department – 2016 Question paper

MPSC Departmental Examination in Accounts for Gazatted Officers of the Agriculture Department – 2016


Organization of government of Maharashtra


(1) All questions are compulsory.

(2) Figures at right hand of the question indicate full marks for the respective question.


  1. Describe the organizational structure of ATMA as per revised guidelines with roles and responsibilities in brief.
  2. Write short notes (any four):-

(a) Seed Replacement Ratio

(b) Fertility Index

(c) Well Recharging

(d) Dry Land Farming Mission

(e) E-thibak.

  1. (a) Fill in the blanks in following sentences (any five):-

(i) Government of Maharashtra appointed ………………. as Executive Chairman of Dry Land Farming Mission.

(ii) National Research Centre for Citrus is located at ……………….

(iii) NHRDF located in Nashik district is looking after  ……………..  Crop.

(iv) Krishi  Vasant 2014 was held during the dates ………… to …………

(v) Floriculture Park started by MIDC is located at ………………….

(vi) ………………. is the apex institute for training for officers of Agriculture department in the state.

(b) Match the pairs:-

Column ” A ”      Column ” B ”

(i) Sugarcane       (1) Niphad

(ii) Banana           (2) Padegaon

(iii) Cotton           (3) Vengurla

(iv) Cashew          (4) Jalgaon

(v) Wheat             (5) Nagpur.


  1. Give details about the organization structure and working of implementation of National Horticulture Mission in the state.
  2. Write in brief (any five):-

(a) Farm Ponds

(b) Protected Cultivation

(c) Horticulture Insurance

(d) Role of PD ATMA

(e) Phytosanitary Certificate

(f) Soil testing laboratories

(g) Weather based crop insurance.

  1. Give definition (any five):-

(a) ETL

(b) Broad Bed Furrows (BBF)

(c) Watershed

(d) Appointing Authority

(e) Measurement Book

(f)Utilization Certificate

(g) Micro Irrigation.

  1. Give long forms for following terms (any ten):-

(a) A.W.S.             (g) A.P.E.D.A.

(b) 1.S.O.P.O.M  (h) S.L.S.C.

(c) H.D.P.E     (i) N.O.V.O.D.

(d) S.R.E.P.     (j) Y.A.S.H.A.D.A.

(e) M.A.N.A.G.E.     (k) N.A.F.E.D.

(f) M.S.A.M.B.       (I) N.V.I.U.C.


Handbook of accounts for department of agriculture


(1) All questions are compulsory.

(2) All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Define (any ten):-

(a) Cashbook    (b) Cheque

(c) Custom Duty    (d) Suspense Account

(e) Voted Expenditure    (f) Supplementary Bill

(g) Security Bond      (h) Reappropriation

(i) Depreciation        (j) Statement of Account

(k) Stocks          (l) Rate Contract.

  1. Give detail information (any two):-

(a) Procedure for preparation of pension case on superannuation of Government Servant.

(b) Procedure for preparation of Monthly Expenditure Statement

(c) Duties and Responsibilities of Drawing and Disbursing Officer.

  1. (a) Write in short about procedure for maintenance of field book in farms.

(b) Write a note on vehicle log book.

(c) Register of Cheques and Demand Drafts.

(d) General instruction regarding preparation of bills and chalan sent to treasury.

  1. Write short note on following (any five):-

(a) Field Book.

(b) General Provident Fund.

(c) Different types of advances.

(d) Bill Register.

(e) Register of consumable articles

(f) Brief instructions to subordinate staff of the department (other than drawing officers) regarding handling of cash and stores

  1. Describe in detail the following:-

(a) Explain guideline regarding preparation of annual budget estimate.

(b) Orders regarding depreciation in dead-stock, building, etc.


Financial control, etc.


(1) Attempt any five questions.

(2) Quote authority in support of the answer.

(3) All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Distinguish between the non-refundable and refundable advance from the General Provident Fund. Explain for which reason advances can be granted to Government Servant.
  2. (a) Write in detail drawls of money from Treasury and canons of financial propriety.

(b) Describe with provisions of General Provident Fund deposit linked insurance scheme.

  1. Write short notes (any four):-

(a) Vote on accounts

(b) General Provident Fund Nomination.

(c) Estimate Committee

(d) Countersigned Contingent Expenditure.

(e) Permanent Advance.

  1. What are the general principles to be followed by authority while entering into contracts involving expenditure from government revenue?
  2. (a) Explain regarding constitution and functions of Public Accounts Committee.

(b) What measures are to be adopted to prevent embezzlements, thefts etc. of government funds and property?

  1. Define Re-appropriation. Explain provisions in detail


Service regulation, Bombay Civil services rules, etc.


(1) Solve any five questions.

(2) Marks are indicated in the margin

(3) Quote authority in support of your answer.

  1. What is meant by Foreign Service? Explain the terms and conditions on which the Government servant is transferred to foreign service.
  2. (a) Calculate admissible joining time in following cases:-

(i) Employee ‘A ‘ is transferred from Satara to Nasik on public grounds.

(ii) Mr. Jadhav, Assistant is transferred from one office at Thane to another office at Thane.

(b) Explain provisions regarding pay during joining time.

  1. (a) Explain in brief various types of pensions admissible to a government servant.

(b) Explain the stages of preparing pension case papers.

  1. Explain in brief the various types of leave due and admissible to a Government servant serving in other than vacation department.
  2. Explain with examples the provisions regarding counting of service for increment.
  3. Write short notes (any four):-

(a) Lien

(b) Holiday

(c) Pay

(d) Family

(e) Counting of period of suspension for Pension,

(f) Qualifying Service.


Organization control and discipline


(1) All questions are compulsory.

(2) Marks for each question are indicated in ther right-hand margin.

(3) Quote important rules wherever necessary.

Part – I

  1. Write short notes (any four):-

(a) Organic farming

(b) Classification of records

(c) Decentralization

(d) Integrated Nutrient Management (INM).

(e) Inter official note

(f) ATMA.

  1. What is Watershed Management? Explain in brief about various treatments in watershed.
  2. Explain in brief about ‘ Right to Information Act, 2005 ‘.
  3. Explain in brief:-

(a) Comprehensive District Agriculture Plan (C-DM).

(b) Legislature.

Part – II

  1. Enlist different types of correspondence used in government office and explain in detail any one.
  2. Explain about minor and major penalties imposed for misdeed and negligence to government officials.
  3. Describe the provisions in MCSR about devotion to duty by government servant.
  4. write short notes (any four):-

(a) Demi official letter

(b) Stock verification

(c) Service book

(d) Head of the office

(e) Standing order

(f) Logbook.