MPSC Assistant-Public-Prosecutor-Gr-A-Paper-2 – 2011 Question Paper

MPSC Assistant-Public-Prosecutor-Gr-A-Paper-2 – 2011 Question Paper 


(i) Question No.1 is compulsory

(ii) Answer any eight from the remaining questions carry 10 marks each.

(iii) Question No. 1 carries 20 marks and all remaining questions carry 10 marks each.

(iv) Your answers must be to the point and wherever possible quoting the specific provisions of law.

(v) Do not reproduce any question. Write only question number against the answer.

(vi) “Other than cited cases, candidate should not write roll number, any names (including their own), signature, address or any indication of their identity anywhere inside the answer book, otherwise he will be penalized.”

(vii) Marks to each question are indicated by figure in the margin on the right hand.

(Viii) Number of optional questions up to the prescribed number in the order in which the questions have been solved, will

Only be assessed and excess answers of the question/s shall not be assessed.

  1. Write an essay on any one of the following:

(a) Law relating to cyber law

(b) Law relating to women with recent amendment

(c) Wild-life of India and law relating to it

  1. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Unlawful Assembly

(b) House breaking

  1. What is Criminal breach of trust and Cheating? Explain with illustration.
  1. What is Criminal breach of trust and Cheating? Explain with illustration.
  1. Write short notes on any five of the following:

(a) Shelter Home

(b) Forest Produce

(c) Driving Dangerously

(d) Externment Proceedings

(e) Common Driving House

(d) Duties of Tree Authority

  1. Define any five of the following:

(a) Hunting

(b) Ammunition

(c) Brothel

(d) Timber

(e) Observation Home

(d) Phooka or Dooma Dev

  1. Describe the following:

(a) Procedure when juvenile who has committed offence is produced before the Board.

(b) Procedure after Confiscation of Essential Commodity.

  1. Give reason for any five of the following:

(a) If the offence is committed U/S 112, 117 of B.P. Act, the Police can arrest the person without warrant.

(b) Magistrate cannot release the property seized under Indian Forest Act.

(c) Place of amusement is not place of entertainment.

(d) Investigation of crime under S.C.S.T Act if carried out by Police Inspector is bad in law.

(e) Person under influence of alcohol found inside in his house and behaving disorderly cannot be convicted U/S 85(1) of b. Prohibition Act.

(f)  Person can be punished for abetment under M.V. Act.

  1. Answer the following:

(a) When are the female offenders detained in a corrective institution under Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act?

(b) Whether offences under The Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act are cognizable? When can Court take cognizance?

  1. Describe in the detail the powers of Food Inspector under the Prevention of Food Adu8lteratuion Act 1954.