How you can prepare for TALATHI exam? Avinash Somnath Adhav

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How you can prepare for TALATHI exam?

As we know that there are vacancies of about 4644 post TALATHI in Maharashtra state and exam are likely to be held in august month. According to recent data near about 11 lakh forms are filled for the 4644 posts means near about 240 forms per vacancy. So aspirants need to focus on time saving study plan to crack this prestigious TALATHI exam. I am avinash somnath adhav one of the new aspirant of this exam and I am going to share my study plan and going to share how I am utilizing my time to cover whole syllabus. Every aspirant got the syllabus everyone got the topics to cover but very few know what to cover and what not. If syllabus is vast aspirant should know which topic to skip so that most of the time gets utilized to cover important topics and maximum important syllabus.

Avinash sir image
Avinash sir image

First of all when we look into the past cut offs of talathi exams we came to know that we atleast require 150+ to 180 marks out of 200 in upcoming exam regardless of the district you applied or regardless of the cast you belongs. So our whole focus is to push our limits to prepare such extent that we should get this 180 golden number. Let’s go into details about subjects we have in talathi exam. We have in total 4 sections 25 questions 50 marks each so in total we have 200 marks paper  2 hours of timing. The four sections are as follows

  1. MARATHI (25 questions 50 marks)
  2. ENGLISH (25 questions 50 marks)
  3. REASONING AND MATHEMATICS (25 questions 50 marks)
  4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE  (25 questions 50 marks)

Remember this year exam is conducted by TCS for very first time so its new for everyone. But TCS conducted some of the exams like MHADA, PMC,PCMC, DVET IT, DVET ITI, VANVIBHAG EXAM etc. go through all the topics they have asked in these exams and list out these topics which will be hot topics for us and we will cover those topics on priority basic. Let’s discuss the topic-wise study plan.

Let’s start with the first language MARATHI. Almost everyone among the aspirants has studied this subject in school but irony is we are unable to solve single question.This is because we forgot many basics that we have learned in school so we need to furnish these basics from any best book available in market and in the history of Marathi grammar we have two gems none other than balasaheb shinde and mo. Ra. Valambe. I am personally following the balasaheb shinde sir’s grammar book as its language is lucid and easy to understand. I suggest everyone to go for this book’s latest edition.It has previous year asked questions covered after explaining each topic. this makes the topic perfect. As time is less so we can’t risk whole time to cover whole book so I suggest you to list the previously asked topics. For this go to YouTube see short videos or tricks regarding listed topic then go through same topic from our grammar book and solve the questions asked or questions given in book so that in single go you will come across a topic 3 to 4 times. It’s like revising the topic multiple times.Remember this subject has potential to give you out of marks.

Second important subject we have is English. As TCS is exam conducting body and we know that all IBPS exams are conducted by TCS so English is favorite subject for TCS and they can frame difficult questions. So how to prepare for this subject? Again I will suggest listing important topics asked previously. I will list out here those topics atleast cover those topics first. Again which book to refer for English? Answer is none other than balasaheb shinde sirs’ English grammar book. I am also following Mahasarkar website daily. They are also publishing very important content. It has all topics covered in simple language and variety of practice questions are available to solve so that topic can be prepared thoroughly. Along with this for practice purpose previously asked questions in SSC CGL and SSC CHSL exams need to be covered for better understanding of the topics. Here I am going to list 15 topics which are favorite of TCS as they asked questions on these topics multiple times.

  1. Articles
  2. Tenses
  3. Active voicepassive voice
  4. Direct indirect speech
  5. Prepositions
  6. Spot the error and sentence correction
  7. Conjunctions
  8. Passage reading or comprehension (most important)
  9. Para jumble
  10. Idioms and phrases (learn daily 10 to 15)
  11. One word substitution
  12. Synonyms
  13. Antonyms
  14. Adjective
  15. Correct spelling

Daily task is to read the4-5 passages daily so that we get familiar to read English and understand                a theme so in single go we can remember the paragraph and answer the questions asked in passage reading and comprehension section which is most important one.

Next subject to study is the reasoning and mathematics. It is vast subject as it has many sub topics and it requires calculations and logic to solve the question so students may find it difficult to understand and cover the topics. I think this is deciding subject. If you are good at reasoning and quantitative aptitude this is your forte. Practice as much as you can. Following are the topics asked in various exams recently conducted by TCS from reasoning section.

  1. Direction sense
  2. Puzzle and seating arrangement
  3. Figure completion
  4. Letter symbol and numbers series
  5. Alphabetical series
  6. Blood relation
  7. BODMOS rule
  8. Simplification and approximation
  9. Missing Number series
  10. Syllogism

Remember to read these questions once in English language as it was found that many times in exam in Marathi language question seems wrong but in English it is written correct so if any ambiguity is there you have to consider question written in English as a correct question.

Here we are going to discuss last subject that is general knowledge. This is very vast topic to cover as there are many subjects included in this section like

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Polity
  4. economics
  5. Current affair

They are going to ask only 25 questions and there are many topics to ask so nobody can predict which most important topic to cover but here are some hints for you to tackle these subjects. As aspirant I am only going to cover the most important and previously asked topics from these subjects so that I can get maximum marks from this section. For this section I would like to suggest you to purchase any online batch as there are many topics and time is less so rather than wasting time in searching important topics go through the one batch stick to it just follow those teacher and complete as much syllabus as you can. I am referring you a batch by anand pawar academy. It seems good and pocket friendly too. If you don’t want to purchase the batch YouTube is there for you only thing is you have to decide which teacher to follow. History, geography are subjects of static nature you have mug up the things thoroughly.

If we talk about polity its more or like articles which are difficult to remember so I suggest you to go through short tricks given on youTube by crazy GK tricks tricks by priya Jain mam and 7 minute tricks by unacademy and mahasarkar daily talathi related updates. Go through trick videos 2-3 times and then write the tricks on notebook you will unconsciously learn all the articles with tricks and techniques. As far as current affair is concern this is important topic as 5-7 questions may be asked from this topic so daily or weekly news are must read topic for aspirants. Many important national and international news, sports, awards and recognition, government schemes especially Maharashtra schemes etc. need to be focused.

At last I would like to say best of luck for everyone for study and your exam. This is good opportunity for every single serious candidate to get government job and make your dreams come true. Remember what efforts you are putting here every single minute you are going to invest here will reflect in the exam so push your limits while studying for 1 month and enjoy the outcome with good job title and happiness which comes with it.

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