इंग्रजी Synonyms for Talathi Bharti 2023

TCS Pattern Synonyms

Words having the same meaning as a given word are called synonyms. Candidates who are preparing for Talathi Bharti can find important Synonyms here. Our experts have also provided synonyms as per the TCS pattern. Practicing synonyms for Talathi exam can help you to score good marks. Some of them are repeated from the previous year’s question papers. So that aspirants will not face difficulties in the actual exam.

English language synonyms for Talathi Bharti will save you time as you can read them whenever you want. In the Talathi Question paper, the‘Synonyms’ topic is an easy topic to increase marks. Moreover, aspirants can download the PDF of Synonyms for Talathi Bharti from the below links. As you know ‘English’ subject has good weightage in the government exam, and for that good hand on synonyms is required. Studying this will enhance your performance in many other competitive exams as well. However, these synonyms are also beneficial for various exams like PMC & PCMS recruitment, RRB, MPSC, Police Constable, Bal Bharti English Class 9, class 10, class 11 and Class 12.  We advise you to start learning 5-10 words daily which will fasten up your Talathi Bharti and other competitive exam preparations. Now, let’s see the synonyms for Talathi Recruitment.

Select the most appropriate SYNONYM of the given word to fill in the blank.

(1) Amiable =

a) Cordial


c) Feeble

d) None of these

(2) Alert =

a) Attract

b) Authentic

c) Vigilant

d) Honorary

(3) Alloy =

a) Mixture of liquid

b) Mixture of metals

c) Mixture of gases

d) Mixture of 2 objects

(4) Adept =

a) Basic

b) Authentic

c) Zest

d) Expert

(5) Abandon =

a) Cease

b) Basic

c) Gaiety

d) Modesty


(6)Brave =

a) Courageous

b) Cowardly

c) Fearful

d) costly

(7) Brief =

a) Short

b) Long

c) lengthy

d) Long-winded

(8) Blithe =

a) Thoughtful

b) Graceful

c) callous

d) Improper

(9) Brisk =

a) Quick

b) Sluggish

c) Slow

d) Quit

(10) Brutal =

a) Gentle

b) Humane

c) Polite

d) Savage

(11) Concern =

a) Anxiety

b) Serenity

c) Indifference

d) Content

(12) Calamity =

Sitting Arrangementa) Godsend


c) Peaceful

d) Disaster

(13) Clandestine =

a) Open

b) Above board

c) Just look

d) Secret

(14) Combat =

a) Battle

b) Fraud

c) Split

d) Construct

(15) Conspicuous =

a) Indistinct

b) Invisible

c) Distinguished

Sitting Arrangementd) Obscure

(16) Drooping =

a) Inflate

b) Hanging down

c) Sitting Arrangementc) Strengthen

d) Sitting Arrangementd) Straighten up

(17) Death =


b) Sitting Arrangementb) New born

c) Sitting Arrangementc) Life

d) Sitting Arrangementd) Startup

(18) Data =

a) Misreport

b) Information

c) False information

d) Untruth

(19) Dazzling =

a) Swarthy

b) Swart

c) Brilliant

d) Sitting Arrangementd) Black

(20) Dainty =

a) Sitting Arrangementa) Charming

b) Sitting Arrangementb) Inelegant

c) Sitting Arrangementc) Tasteless

d) Sitting Arrangementd) Unrefined

(21) Effect =

a) Sitting Arrangementa)Weak


c) Sitting Arrangementc) Theoretical

d) Sitting Arrangementd) Unwoman

(22) Endeavour =

a) Inactivity

b) Passivity


d) Sitting Arrangementd) Laziness

(23) Extraordinary =

a) Uncommon

b) Ordinary

c) Sitting Arrangementc) Common

d) Sitting Arrangementd) Customary

(24) Expel =

a) Allow in

b) Excommunicate

c) Sitting Arrangementc) Admit

d) Sitting Arrangementd) Permit

(25) Erect =

a) Bent

b) Flaccid


d) Flat

(26) Fabulous =

a) Ordinary

b) Tiny

c) Inferior

d) Marvelous

(27) Fantastic =

a) Rational

b) Poor

c) Visionary

d) Sitting Arrangementd) Awful

(28) Felicity =

a) Calamity

b) Happiness

c) Sitting Arrangementc) Sorrow

d) Sitting Arrangementd) Misery

(29) Fortitude =

a) Courage

b) Oblige

c) Colleague

d) Gallantry

(30) Fictitious =

a) Planned

b) False

c) Sitting Arrangementc) Famous

d) Sitting Arrangementd) Praise

(31) Gallant =

a) Rustic

b) Short

c) Brave

d) Stormy

(32) Gay =

a) Happy

b) Needy

c) Hoax

d) Intended

(33) Glory =

a) Splendor

b) Variety

c) Hoax

d) Tasty

(34) Gusto =

a) Zest

b) Delicate

c) Sly

d) Hearty

(35) Glamourous =


b) Gullible

c) Dear

d) Charismatic

(36) Hope =

a) Civil

b) Try

c) Ardent

d) Belief

(37) Hazardous =

a) Vile

b) Dominating

c) Shrewd


(38) Haughty =

a) Digression

b) Imperious

c) Scorn

d) Protect

(39) Hallucination =

a) Reality

b) Experience

c) Illusion

d) Fact

(40) Humility =

a) Pride

b) Private

c) Superiority

d) Modesty

(41) Impotent =

a) Sorrow

b) Huge

c) Weak

d) Brave

(42) Imitate =

a) Basic

b) Belief

c) Authentic

d) Copy

(43) Immature =

a) Mature

b) Ripe

c) Alike

d) Unrip

(44) Immediately =

a) Just then

b) Later

c) Never

d) Eventully

TCS Pattern Synonyms

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(45) Insolent =

a) Polite

b) Rude

c) Fraud

d) Authentic

(46) Mild =

a) Harsh

b) Cruel

c) Soft

d) Lazy

(47) Naughty =

a) Mischievous

b) Decent

c) Well behaved

d) Obedient

(48) Optimist =

a) Gloomy

b) Hopeful

c) Pessimistic

d) Sorrowful

(49) Physical =

a) Intangible

b) Abstract

c) Carnal

d) Mental

(50) Quote =

a) Retire

b) Recite

c) Unquote

d) Cite


{Answers: – [Q.] (1) = a, (2) = c,  (3) = b, (4) = d, (5) = a, (6) = a, (7) = a,(8) = b, (9) = a,

(10) = d, (11) = a, (12) = d, (13) = d, (14) = a, (15) =c, (16) = b, (17) = a, (18) = b, (19) = c,

(20) = a, (21) = b, (22) = c, (23) = a, (24) = b, (25) = c, (26) = d, (27) = c, (28)  = b, (29) = a,

(30) = b, (31) = c, (32) = a, (33) = a, (34) = a, (35) = d, (36) = d, (37) = d, (38) = b, (39) = c,

(40) = d, (41) = c, (42) = d, (43) = d, (44) = a, (45) = b, (46) = c, (47) = a, (48) = b, (49) = c,

(50) = d. }

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