MPSC Forest Service Question paper set 6

1. Which of the following is the major cause of maternal mortality in India?
(A) Toxemias of pregnancy
(B) Haemorrhage
(C) Anemia
(D) Eclampsia
Ans:- B

2. The purpose of postoperative deep breathing and coughing exercise are to:
A) Reduce pain
B) Prevent wound infection
C) Prevent apnoea
D) Prevent atelectasis
Ans:- D

3. Hansen’s disease is:
A) Leprosy
B) Tuberculosis
C) Smallpox
D) Scabies
Ans:- A

4. The longest muscle of human body:
A) Sartorius
B) Iliac us
C) Rectus femoris
D) Psoas major
Ans:- A

5. “Fight of ideas” is a symptom seen in which disorder of mind?
A) Schizophrenia
B) Mania
C) Depression
D) Phobia
Ans:- B

6. Urge incontinence is:
A) Weakened perineal muscle leakage of urine when intra abdominal pressure rises
B) Spinal cord lesion resulting in no sensory awareness for need to void
C) Involuntary elimination of urine associated with a strong perceived need to void
D) Voiding due to inability to reach toilet in time due to mobility impairment
Ans:- C

7. Which of the following is anticipated drug choice for pain intensity 0-3 in 0-10 pain scale?
A) Morphine
B) Fentanyl
C) Oxycodone
D) Keterolac
Ans:- D

8. The following clinical finding are present in hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, except:
A) Epigastric fullness
B) Visible peristalsis in upper abdomen
C) Red currant jelly
D) Projectile vomiting
Ans:- C

9. Atrial septal defect occurs due to persistence of:
A) Mitral valve
B) Foramen ovale
C) Ductus venosus
D) Ductus arterious
Ans:- B

10. Position used for administering enema is:
A) Lithotomy position
B) Fowler’s position
C) Ductus venosus
D) Sim’s position
Ans:- D

11. An example of a secondary group is:
A) City
B) Family
C) Playmates
D) Classmates
Ans:- A

12. Rubin’s test is:
B) Cervical biopsy
C) Dilatation and Insufflation
D) Dilatation and Curettage
Ans:- C

13. Which of the following is the second criminal nerve?
A) Olfactory
B) Abducens
C) Hypoglossal
D) Optic
Ans:- D

14. Cheiloplasty is the surgical repair done in:
A) Spina bifida
B) Oesophageal atresia
C) Cleft lip
D) Imperforrate anus
Ans:- C

15. Early indicator of hypoxia in an unconscious client is:
A) Cyanosis
B) Restlessness
C) Increased respirations
D) Hypertension
Ans:- B

16. World Anti Cancer Day is observed on:
A) February 14
B) December 1
C) March 24
D) September 29
Ans:- A

17. “Pulse rate is usually slow when compared to rise in temperature”. Which of the following diseases does this statement applies to?
A) Influenza
B) Dengue fever
C) Meningitis
D) Typhoid
Ans:- D

18. Which of the following maternal infections is the cause of congenital cataract?
A) Syphilis
B) Toxoplasmosis
D) Gonorrhoea
Ans:- B

19. The following is a useful tool in assessing nutritional status of children:
A) Mid arm circumference
B) Measurement of weight
C) Skin fold thickness
D) All the above
Ans:- D

20. Pentavalant vaccine gives protection against which of the following diseases?
A) Hepatitis B
B) Measles
C) Rubella
D) Chickenpox
Ans:- A

21. Quickening means:
A) Painless uterine contractions
B) Sudden cessation of menstruation
C) First foetal movement felt by mother
D) Hearing of foetal heart sound
Ans:- C

22. Talipes equinovarus is a deformity affecting which of the following body part?
A) Foot
B) Hand
C) Spine
D) None of the above
Ans:- A

23. Ondansetron is a powerful:
A) Antiemetic
B) Antibiotic
C) Antipruritic
D) Antacid
Ans:- A

24. An irrational fear of strangers is termed:
A) Acrophobia
B) Algophobia
C) Xenophobia
D) Claustrophobia
Ans:- C

25. What hormone does pancreatic alpha cells secrete?
A) Insulin
B) Glucagon
C) Somatostatin
D) Somatotropin

26. In Maslow’s pyramid of hierarchy of needs the base of the pyramid is formed by:
A) Self actualization needs
B) Love needs
C) Safety needs
D) Physiological needs
Ans:- D

27. World AIDS Day theme 2015:
A) Women and AIDS
B) Getting to zero
C) Stop Aids : Keep promises
D) One world and One hope

28. Saucer shaped depression just below the umbilicus in antenatal woman signifies which of the following?
A) Foetal macrosomia
B) Persistent breech presentation
C) Malposition of occiput
D) Multiple pregnancy
Ans:- C

29. “The drug is withheld if patient’s pulse rate is less than 60/minute”. This statement applies to which of the following drugs?
A) Foetal macrosomia
B) Persistent breech presentation
C) Malposition of occiput
D) Multiple pregnancy
Ans:- B

30. Which of the following personality type suits the description “ Jealous, suspects other will harm him”?
A) Shizoid
B) Histrionic
C) Dependent
D) Paranoid
Ans:- D

31. Xenopsylla is the vector which transmits the disease:
A) Plague
B) Dengue fever
C) Japanese encephalitis
D) Kala azar
Ans:- A

32. The relationship between long axis of foetus and long axis of uterus is termed:
A) Attitude
B) Denominator
C) Lie
D) Position
Ans:- C

33. The operation designed to correct cystocele is:
A) Anterior
B) Perineoplasty
C) Fothergill’s operation
D) Cervicopexy
Ans:- A

34. The precipitating factor for myasthenic crisis is:
A) Increased intake of fatty acids
B) Weight lifting
C) Excess medication
D) Omitted doses of medication
Ans:- D

35. The part of ear which has no auditory function is:
A) Tympanum
B) Vestibule
C) Semicircular canals
D) Organ of Corti
Ans:- C
36. Which of the following term refers to a fungal infection of the foot?
A) Impetigo
B) Tinea pedis
C) Acne
D) Scabies
Ans:- B

37. The formation of placenta is complete and it starts functioning after how many weeks of fertilization?
A) 10 weeks
B) 5 weeks
C) 2 weeks
D) 15 weeks
Ans:- A

38. Deficiency of sodium in blood is known as:
A) Hyponatremia
B) Hyperkalemia
C) Hypernatremia
D) Hypokalemia
Ans:- A

39. Collection of thick pus in pleural cavity is termed:
A) Pneumonia
B) Pneumothorax
C) Emphysema
D) Empyema
Ans:- D

40. Which of the following statements about breast feeding is true?
A) Breast feeding is initiated 8 hours after caesarian section
B) Gastro intestinal infections are more in breast fed infants
C) Premature babies should not given breast milk
D) Breast milk contains antibodies
Ans:- D

41. The Following defect is not found in Tetralogy of Fallot:
a. Overriding of Aorta
b. Atrial septal defect
c. Pulmonary stenosis
d. Right ventricular hyperthophy.
Ans:- B

42. The disease of eye in which intra occular pressure increases is:
a. Cataract
b. Stye
c. Glaucoma
ANS: – C

43. The normal value of s . potassium fall between:
a.8-10 Eq/L
b. 6.5-7.5 Eq/L
c. 5.5-6.5 Eq/L
d. 3.5-5.5 Eq/L
ANS: – D

44. A positive D-dimer test predicts which of the following conditions in a pregnant woman?
a. Coagulopathy
b. Gestational diabetes
c. PIH
d. Acute renal failure.

45.The use of following agent togather with Amoxycillin potentiates it’s antibacterial action:
a. Nicotinic acid
b. asorbic acid
c. Clavulanic acid
d. Pantothenic acid.

46.The symtoms of a common disease in children are massive oedema, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia. The disease mentioned here is:
a. Glomerular nephritis
b. Urinary calculi
c. Nephrotic syndrome
d. Nephroblastoma
ANS: – C

47. The complication associated with the surgary tracheotomy is:
a. Increased cardiac output.
b. Damage to larynageal nerve.
c. Acute respiratory distress syndrome
d. Increased blood pressure.

48. A “Bandl’s ring” is finding of:
a. Rupture of uterus.
b. Induced labour.
c. Prelonged labour
d. Mechanicaly obstructed labour.

49 Life span of sperm female genital tract is:
a. 3-4 days
b.6-8 days
c. 4-5 days
d. 1-2 days.

50. A child of 10 years has bleeding from gums due to a nutritional deficiency. Which of the following foods is recommended for him?
a. Eggs
b. Whole grains.
c. Fresh fruits
d. Ocean fish.