Group Discussion – Topic  2

Group Discussion Topic 2

Today’s topic is ‘India is upcoming power in IT sector’.

Rahul:  Good morning friends and my seniors, It is a burning topic in IT world. India is shining in this world. Our boys and girls are working in IT world successfully. As of 2016 4-6 million Indians are directly involved in this sector and 14.5 million Indians are indirectly associated with IT.

Amit: But my friend most of leading IT companies are from USA. So how can we be an upcoming power? Our boys and girls are largely involved in IT world. It is true but our own IT industries are limited.

Pinit: I am not agree with you. Many Indians It companies are developing and growing rapidly like Infosys, TCS, WIPRO, HCL, TECH Mahindra etc. I am sure the day is not far away when we will lead in the world.

Ershad : The main problem is brain-drain. USA and other leading companies in the world are snatching away our brains in lien of high salary package and we are lacking behind.

Rahul: But a ray of hope is brightening. IT sector is not so older in India but the growth is notable. Even a primary school student of Indian village side is aware of Internet and software. It is a sign of growing scenario of IT development in our country.

Amit: Away companies are bound to negotiate with us because we have a sound growth in this our IT market is large and rapidly growing. We just have to set up better infrastructure for work atmosphere.

Punit: Not only that I think for IT development syllabus of school education should be reconstructed. We have potentiality but we are sorting late. If this study begins at school level like USA Europe, and chaina, then no power will be above us in recent future.

Ershad: To be super power in IT world we have to develop infrastructure as well as work mentality. Our dream should be high and we have to be innovative. Why should we work for other abroad companies?  Our Govt should encourage research base workshops.