UST Global Technical Interview Questions

UST Global Technical Interview Questions

1.Whether C language is low level language, or middle level language?
Ans-The C language is a middle level language.It is called a middle level language because it has features of high level language as well as low level language.

2.What is modular programming?
Ans-It is a programming technique that produces relatively small, easily understandable computer modules.A complex or large program is broken into number of logically self contained modules.Finally, the modules can be then put together to form the complete program/system.

3.What is the use of a ‘?\0’ character?
Ans- ‘\0’ is used to refer a null value. It is often used at the end of an array of character i,e string to indicate the termination of array.It holds a nothing,not even 0.

4.Write a loop statement that will show the following output:
Answer:The logic to print this pattern in C will be-

for (a=1; a<=5; i++) {
for (b=1; b<=a; b++)

5.What are the different file extensions involved when programming in C?
Ans-In C programming, header files have their extension .h, the source code has the extention of .c and when the source code is compiled it creates a file with .obj to indicate the object extension and an executable file with the .exe extention name.

6.Why ‘for’ loop is called a entry control loop?
Ans- In case of for loop, the condition is satisfied first then the statements get executed.Due to entry time checking, for loop is called entry control loop.

7.What is dynamic data structure?
Ans-The memory allocation for storing data is an important part in the programming. To do so we use dynamic data structure and reduce the wastage of memory.

8.Write a simple code fragment that will check if a number is positive or negative.
Answer: In C programming,

If (num>=0)
printf(“number is positive”);
printf (“number is negative”);

9.What is the difference between the expression “++a” and “a++”?
Ans-With ++a, the increment happens first on variable a, and the resulting value is used. This is called as Prefix increment.
With a++, the current value of the variable will be used in an operation. This is called as postfix increment.

10.What are actual arguments?
Ans-When you create and use functions that need to perform an action on some given values, you need to pass these given values to that function. The values that are being passed into the called functions are referred to as actual arguments.

11.What are linked lists?
Ans-A linked list is composed of nodes that are connected with another.
In C programming linked lists are created using pointers.
Using linked lists is one efficient way of utilizing memory for storage.

12.What is Byte Code?
Ans-All Java programs are compiled into class files that contain bytecodes. These byte codes can be run in any platform and hence java is said to be platform independent.

13.What is the difference between constructors and normal methods?
Ans-Constructors must have the same name as the class and can not return a value. They are only called once while regular methods could be called many times and it can return a value or can be void. many layer in osi model adn what are they ?
Ans- There are 7 layers in an osi model.
1.physical layer link layernetwork layer
3.Transportation 4.sesson layer
5.presentation 6.Network 7.Application layer

15.what is LAN ?where it work ?
Ans-The full from of LAN is Local area Network .it is usually privately owned and links the device in singel office ,building or campus.its size are limited.

16.What is Bandwidth?
Ans- In a network frequency there is limitetion to signal in has upper limitation as well as lower limitation. the range of limitation is called Bandwidth.

17. Explain RIP ?
Ans-Full from RIP is router information protocol .it is kind of protocol that carry adn excahneg information between network routers.

18.what is data abstraction?
Ans-Sometime developer hide the complexcity from user.The need for efficiency has lead desingers to use complex data structure to represent data in database.that process is callede data abstraction.

19.How do you communicate with an RDBMS ?
Ans- There is a process to communicate with the relational Database management System in a Databaseis called structure query language (SQL)

20.What is Anomalles ?
Ans-An anomaly is a variation with respect to a database maintenance .In database when Upadte ,insetr,delete operation are performd it is desirable that these operation should be in a mimum time
,cost effective,predictable and efficient.

21.What is normalization ?
Ans-Realtions resulting from a well written E-R design may still have some undesirable properties.To remove this kind of properties user applied a process that callled.

22.What is view serializable?
Ans-In a database is shedule is to be said serializable when its view serializable is equvalent to the other serial schedule.I.E. the view will be samae as schedule serial.

23.What is a foreign key?
Ans-In the term of relational database a foreign key is an anothe type pf primary key that is the unic key or uniquely identifies a row of another table or same Table.

24.What is Ad Hoc Testing?
Ans-To brake the system by randomly and trying to doing system functionality done by such kind of testing called Ad Hoc Testing.

25.What is Application Programming Interface (API)?
Ans-Basically a set of software which call that can be a reference by another application or programs to access suport system and it’s Network.

26.What is difference between white box and black box testing?
Ans-White box tests the application from the code point of view and black box tests the application from the functionality point of view.

27.What is a Test case?
Ans-Test case is a set of conditions under which a tester will determine whether an application is working correctly or not.

28.What is a Blocked Test Case?
Ans-Blocked Test Case refers to the test case, which cannot be executed because the preconditions for its execution are not fulfilled.

29.What is API testing?
Ans-API testing is different from other testing types as GUI is rarely involved in API Testing. Even if GUI is not involved in API testing, you still need to set up the initial environment, invoke API with the required set of parameters and then finally analyze the result.

30.What do you mean by this statement- string * x, y;
Ans-Here two variables are declared.The first variable x is a pointer to a string and the second one y is a simple string variable.

31.What is the use of clog?
Ans- Clog is an object of class ostream that represents the standard logging stream. It is associated with the cstdio stream stderr, like cerr.

32.What is similar to interface in c++
A. methods B. instance of class C. pure abstract class D. none of the mentioned
Ans-The answer is C.pure abstract class. Like an interface a pure abstract class also don’t have the defination of its members.

33.What advantages we lose by using multiple inheritance?
Ans-Dynamic binding and polymorphism.The benefit of dynamic binding and polymorphism is that they help making the code easier to extend but by multiple inheritance it makes harder to track.

34.What is meant by polymorphism?
Ans-Polymirphism is literally means class having many forms.’Poly’ means many and ‘morph’ means forms.

35.What is kernel?
Ans-It is an one kind of programs which provieds core part of an operating system.which control overall part of operating system.kind of programsthat first loaded on startup.

36. What is starvation ?
Ans- A starvation is a mathod by which we can manage the resource of a process . sometime a process need a resource that is allocated by anather can be sole by alocating resource as priority wise to a process.

37.what is Aging ?
Ans- Agging is basically a process by which process and resource are manage to avoid starvation.

38.What is semaphore?
Ans-To mange some resources for some process there is a use of variable which satas report for common resource.

39.Explain the concept of the Distributed systems?
Ans- a system is called distributed when it shere it’s all resource to run all the process of a perticular system.

40.What is a file scope?
Ans-A variable declared all blocks and functions (precisely main()) has the scope of a file. The scope of a file scope variable is the entire program. The life time of a file scope variable is the life time of a program.

41.What is break statement?
Ans- A loop’s execution is terminated when the test condition evaluates to false. Under certain situations one desires to terminate the loop, irrespective of the test expression.