Group Discussion – Topic  4

Group Discussion – Topic  4

Today’s Group discussion Topic is –

“Are social Medias safe enough to save personal informative data of the users?”

Amit: First of all I want to thank the board for giving this burning topic. We know that after leakage of personal data from the renouned social Media facebook the question mark on this issue has been a hot cake. From my point of view I don’t think social Medias are secured enough to keep personal data safe after watching a series of incidents in the last couple of years.

Rahul: Friends I think one or two exceptions you will find in any sector either in social Media Security or in Banker’s security. So, we should not blame the whole system in this regard. Though these issues should be handled more carefully.

Ershad: Leakage of personal information is a criminal offence; users are registering their personal data paperlessly on basic of faith. But after such incident how can we say it is safe. When users register in social Medias, they are asked to sign various terms and conditions to accept. Most of the users accept it without reading the terms and conditions. So, when your information is leaked, you can’t take legal steps against them.

Puja: I think this rules and regulations should be made more strict. Then it will be reliable. Otherwise your information may be published anytime without any notice or without your concern.

Amit: Yes, you are right rules should be more strict in such case. We only know one or two cases; who knows how the admins use our information’s.

Rahul: To protect it and to make it secure social Media guideline should be written by the Govt. universally.

Ershad: Then I think the admins of social Medias come under strict Principals. Every Govt. of each nation should keep their eyes on social Medias and their activities.

Puja: Yes only then it can be said all users are safe as well as their personal information.