MPSC Departmental Examination for Industry Operations Directorate and Industry Officers, 2018 Paper 2

MPSC Departmental Examination for Industry Operations Directorate and Industry Officers, 2018 Paper 2


N.B.- (1) Write any five questions.

(2) The Marks for each question are indicated in the margin.

(3) Candidate should not write roll number, any name (including his/her own), signature, address or any indication of his/her identity anywhere inside the answer book otherwise he/she will be penalised.

(4) Candidates are expected to answer all the sub-questions of a question together, if sub-question of a question is attempted elsewhere (after leaving a few pages or after attempting another question) the later sub-question shall be overlooked.

(5) Answer are to be written in one language only, either in Marathi or in English.

  1. (a) Define Micro, Small and Medium Manufacturing Establishment.

(b) Define Micro, Small and Medium Service Establishment.

(c) What is Udyog Aadhar Memorandum (UAM)?

(d) What is Industrial Licenses?

(e) What is Industrial Entrepreneur’s Memorandum and what is IEM Part-A and IEM Part-B?

  1. Write a note on Package Scheme of Incentives, 2013. It’s validity period, brief information on implementing agency, types of incentives granted under the scheme.
  2. Write note on the following acts (any four):-

(a) Indian Patent and Design Act, 1911

(b) Indian Trade and Merchandize Act, 1958

(c) Factory Act, 1948

(d) Industrial Development and Regulation Act, 1951

(e) State Aid to Industries Act, 1960

(f) Bombay Electricity Duty Act, 1951.

  1. (a) Write a note on Lubricating Oil and Grease (Processing, Supply and Distribution and Regulation) Amendment Order, 1988 with details of competent authorities under the order.

(b) Define the following in respect of Electricity Duty Act, 2016:-

(i) Ipp

(ii) Co-Generation

(iii) Open access

(iv) Unit

(v) Captive Generation.

(c) Definition of Sick Unit as per guide lines of Reserve Bank of India and concessions given by the State Government to the Sick Unit.

  1. Write short notes on (any four):-

(a) Si x-SIGMA and five –S with reference to bench mark.

(b) Categorization of Industrial units for consent to established and consents to operate from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

(c) Grape Processing Policy of State, 2001.

(d) Electric Vehicle Policy, 2018.

(e) Integrated Industrial Area under Industrial Policy.

(f) Integrated IT Townships.

  1. (a) State the benefits provided to the developer and the enterprise in SEZ under Central SEZ Act, 2005,

(b) Types and classification of SEZs.