“Weather of Maharashtra” Study Notes for MPSC and other Competitive Exam: “महाराष्ट्राचे हवामान” अभ्यास नोट्स

“Weather of Maharashtra” Study Notes for MPSC and other Competitive Exam

Maharashtra Weather: Summer, Winter, and Monsoon (Rain)

The location of Maharashtra is the western part of India. In this article, complete information about the weather in Maharashtra is provided. A gem that is lying on the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent is known as Maharashtra. The people and nature go through many seasons in Maharashtra. There are seasons like hot which is the summer season, cold, which is the winter season, and rainy which is rainfall. Thus, the state experienced these main seasons. The scorching summer that comes in the month of march gets relaxed in June when the monsoon sets. From October onwards, people feel the presence of a cold climate. For those who are invested in the agricultural field, the rainy season is the most important. The parts like Konkan and Sahyadri get more rain than any other part of Maharashtra. During the summer season, the chances of rainfall are frequent due to harsh climatic conditions. The shortage of drinking water is the most unpleasant thing during summer. Annually the rainfall is not fixed, but it may vary from 400-6000 mm. In a year, it falls for 3-4 months. A large amount of rainfall takes place in July month. Another phase of the cold climate comes in the month of October. The November to February the state feels the touch of the winter season.A cool gentle wind and clear sky make the day of people during this weather.Most of the regions of Maharashtra have temperatures between 25 and 27 degrees centigrade. Both temperature and rainfall vary according to the regions in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, areas are located at a higher altitude. This is the reason that these areas have not been through extremely cold environments. Maharashtra is a state with a typical monsoon climate. The climate of this state is majorly influenced because of the towering presence of the Western Ghats. The monsoon People of Maharashtra do enjoy the hot summer and different weather seasons. The Sahyadri crests experience rainfall that goes over 400 cm because of the heavy western sea clouds. On the windward side, the place Konkan is endowed with heavy rainfall. The green cover in the monsoon gives a pleasant feeling to the eyes.In the different seasons, Dew, hail, and frost also happen. All the areas of Maharashtra have tropical conditions. And, they leave the same effect on its hill stations as well. But, the cities experience less cold when compared to hill stations. They become colder.

General Information

Summer- March to May

The temperatures of the state are at their highest in the summer season. In the Maharashtra, summer season comes around the month of March. This season stays till the month of May. Most of the regions in Maharashtra reach 40 degrees temperature during this hot season. In this season, air conditioners receive most of gratitude from Maharashtrians. The summer time instigates heat, and humidity due to which people need to carry spare cloth in person. Mahabaleshwar is the place where Mumbai and Pune cities can find relief from this heat. Although you can feel heat at the time of the afternoon. People can also relief from the scorching sun with some occasional thunderstorms. The average temperature of this season is around 22 degrees C to 40 degrees C. Sea is near the Mumbai city in the state. So, it experiences medium climb in the mercury.Kolhapur, Solapur, and Latur are the part of Maharashtra, where the temperatures are at highest. In the Maharashtra from March month the season of summer will began and it will last till May. During the hot season, the tourists face a lot of difficulties in exploring the popular places due to humid and heat weather.

Monsoon- June to September

The monsoon season, firstly appears in the areas of Maharashtra and at its surrounding places. The Maharashtrians call the monsoons as heavy rain season in the Maharashtra. Rains occur in this season because of the Western Ghats and the Sea. From June it starts and ends in the month of September. Northern cities usually experience monsoon season little late. In the cities, the monsoon season starts in the first week of June. The state later see the rainfall in the month of July. The temperature of monsoon is influenced by coastal rains. If there is not any fluctuation then the temperature of the season reaches between 19 degrees C and 25 degrees C. In the mid-June, the first showers are expected. The sweet smell of soil, clear pollution and saturate air are the things that happen when first rain arrives. The streets will be full of water like never before during the season. The plants become more greener in this weather. The intensity of monsoon in the Aurangabad city is lower that Mumbai. This might be easier to enjoy the phase. The new life breaths in the Panchgini during monsoons. In the same, both fauna and flora gets nourishment. The season can be an accident-prone season when you don’t have experience of monsoon in Maharashtra. Carrying raincoat and umbrellas is the most important thing as the rains can appear suddenly. Monsoon develops green surroundings and visiting hill stations can be the best idea. It is advised to not think about any adventures thing in this season as it rains.

Winters- October to February

The Maharashtra state cities experience different weather in a year. Winter is one of them, which starts in the month of October. Till November, the chill sets in. The gentle breezes and pleasant weather of winter season make people feel good in the Maharashtra state. The season of winter sets in Maharashtra from October to February month. The cities like Nashik, Nagpur, and Pune become cool and pleasant in the winters. The temperature of Matheran and Khandala is chill during the season. In the winters, you may experience temperature between 8 degrees C and 24 degrees C. Many people visit Maharashtra in winters due to its cool weather.

Rainy Season

The Sahyadri, Konkan and eastern Vidarbha regions experience the maximum amount of rain. A decent rainfall occurs in the state each year. Each year, Pune, Nashik, Satara, Solapur, parts of Kolhapur, Sangali, Dhule, Ahmednagar, and Jalgaon receive rainfall around 50 cm which is less than other cities.  On the other side, Rtnagiri, thane, Sindhudurg and Raigad have average rainfall of 200 cm.

Best Weather in Maharashtra (Humid, Hot, Wet, and Cool)

The state feels hot in summer season.The most exotic traveler’s hotspots in India is Maharashtra.  People do visit many spots in Maharashtra during this season. The hot climate of Maharashtra does not stop people from exploring the places. There are some beaches like Ganapatipule, Vengurla, Kihim, Velasm Duveagar and Shrivardhan where people sit and watch the sunset for a long time. Lonavala is one of the best place to be happy while seeing the morning sunrise.Moreover, you can relax the mind with beautiful romanticize Konkan. During hot weather, various ancient forts there to visit like Raigad, Pratapgad and Murud Janjira. Those who love historical monuments can check out some iconic monuments like Ellora Cave and Ajanta cave temples. For the adventure freak, summer is the best season to trek and explore the state. Then, Maharashtra has another season that beats the scorching heat of the sun. That is Monsoon. This weather creates magic and a natural paradise on earth. The life become alive again when it rains. Water fall of hill stations is the main attraction during the monsoon season.The curvy road of places like Matheran, Igatpuri and Panchgani are pleasant for the eyes. You will get to attend some beautiful festivals as well during this months. Gentle breeze, dry weather and clear skies are the characteristics of our next season winter.Some people also think that this season is not made to travel. You can have an unforgettable vacations during this season. Eager roamers are welcomed in the hill stations like Chikaldhara, Malshej Ghat, and Panchgani. Nothing in this world can make you happy more than sitting in front cool winter at night. Some heartmelting places like craggy cliffs, lush green valleys and tranquil lakes can be viewed in the winters. You can indulge in outdoor activities in the cold season as this season considered best.During this time, the Maharashtra looks more beautiful and pleasant. There are few places where you should visit in winters apart from hill stations. In the winters, Mumbai places like Marine drive and the Gateway of India are the best to visit. A trip to Lonavala can be a good idea to enjoy outdoor experience.Having pleasant sunshine of this weather is the best thing about winters.A lot of festivals are there in the winters that you cannot miss out.


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