Costumes of Maharashtra Notes for MPSC & Others Exam: महाराष्ट्र पोशाखचे नोट्स

Costumes of Maharashtra Notes for MPSC & Others Exam:-

As proud Indians, we know that the country gloriously shows diversity in all aspects. The first thing when we speak about costumes in Maharashtra comes to mind is their beautiful attire. The costumes reflect the heritage, society, and climate. In India, ‘Maharashtra state is very famous. The state also represents the base of Marathi culture. People of every religion (Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and much more live here and represent their culture. In this article, we are going to provide you with information about Maharashtra Costumes for men and women. The traditional dress of Maharashtra is also highlighted on this page. Every region of the state has a different clothing style with western touch sometimes. The women of Maharashtra feel incomplete without god and other jewelry. In previous times, men used to wear pheta and dhoti. Where saree and choli were popular among women. In Maharashtra, the costumes of everyone are very practical as well as realistic. Most people wear clothes that allow them to do every work, whether at home or outside. They feel comfortable in their Maharashtrian dresses. Apart from this, they have different clothes to wear at special festivals such as Diwali, Ganeshotsav, Eid, Janmashtmi, etc. Let’s read the following information to know more about the traditional dresses and costumes of Maharashtra.

Popular Women Wear in Maharashtra

Women wears many costumes in Maharashtra. Saree with a short sleeves blouse is one of the most famous cloth of Maharashtrian women. Nowadays, only elderly women wear this type of saree because young ones are influenced by western wear. Hence, the pants, skirts, chididars etc are westernized cloths than now women of Maharashtra wears. But. Still some women follow the tradition of wearing typical Marathi saree.

  1. Paithani Saree

Goldthread zari embroidery and rich colors are the two attractions of the ‘Paithani saree’. Pure silk is used to make this beautiful saree of Maharashtra. Aurangabad is the main origin of the Pathani Saree during the 17th century CE. Women feel this saree is very important for special occasions. Pallav is the most special thing about this saree.

  1. Ganga Jamuna Saree

The Ganga Jamuna Saree is very special in Maharashtra also because it is offered to God during religious ceremonies. Solapur is the place which is the origin of this saree. Tushar silk is used in Nagpur saree for the design and stripes of the check. This is a unique design across the body. Ornamented borders are something different and attractive in the saree. When women visit holy places or God or Elders, they take Pallav on their heads to show gratitude towards them.

  1. Saree

Women of this state wear saree in many variations. They wear it around the upper as well as the lower body by wrapping it. Lugade is the local word for 9-yard-long sarees. And, this is the traditional wear of Maharashtra (Women). Since the king’s and queen’s time, the tradition of saree is known in the state.

  1. Narayan Peth Saree

The saree which is known for its vibrant and broad borders is Narayan Peth Saree. Solapur is the main district of this saree. Narayan Peth saree is basically made up of the fabric and Rudrakshas (Around little Motifs).

  1. Karvat Kati Saree

Saw edged is the main translation of Karvat Kati. It refers to the teeth like the design of the saw which is present at the end of the fabric. The Vidarbha is the region where this Saree originated. People of the state wear this beautiful saree when doing ceremonies or rituals. Reeling activities of this saree takes place at the Chandrapur and Gadchiroli.

  1. Choli

Choli is also popularly known as a blouse. The blouse is paired with a saree and worn by Maharashtrian women. It covers the upper body and they wear it as a top. This cloth is easy to wear as it has hooks on the front side. Most of the choli’s are short-sleeved but sometimes they wear full sleeves as well. Sometimes, it is made up of cotton or silk as men have. The Maharashtrian women wear green or red or orange choli.

Popular Jewellery in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, females wear gold jewelry. Women’s clothing in the state also includes traditional jewelry. Where, It includes a necklace or haar, Nath, earrings, and bangles. Kolhapuri Saaj is a typical piece of jewelry in the land of Maratha and Peshwa which is a necklace. A nose piercing is also called a Nath. Women also wear gold-made Nath. Other wears such as green bangles and Mangal sutra are also popular jewelry for women. The toe ring is something that has great importance in Maharashtra as people consider wearing a ring on the second toe will make the uterus strong as it connects the uterus with the nerve.

Popular Men Wear in Maharashtra

The pheta is a costume that is also known as a Dhoti with a shirt in Maharashtra. This is the most popular wear for men. Along with this, there are many things that the men in Maharashtra wear, and they are given below.

  1. Kolhapuri Chappal

Since the 13 century CE, the Kolhapuri Chappals are popular of district Kolhapur. The Sandals are a traditional symbol as well as strong and durable. Generally, this footwear is colored with vegetable dyes.

  1. Kurta

In Maharashtra, below Dhoti the Kurta is worn by men. Due to the hot environment of the state, the kurtas are made up of cotton. This type of cloth absorbs sweat in warm weather. The top above the dhoti is thinner and more comfortable for men.

  1. Dhoti

Since the 5th century BC, the Men of Maharashtra wear Dhoti along with Kurta. Dhotar is also called Dhoti. Five knots and sober traditional colors make this attire very special. The traditional Dhotis are produced by Nagpur city. It is the costume of men that is tucked around the waist. From the ankles to full legs the costume covers everything. The Dhoti looks gorgeous if paired with a nice color shirt. Many different styles of shirts are attached to the single-cloth dhoti. Also, it varies from region to region in Maharashtra. People usually wear a dhoti of cream or saffron or white color. Each man living in Maharashtra loves to wear Dhoti because they don’t need any particular measurements to tight or lose a wear.

  1. Pehta

Pheta or Pehta both are similar and known as a Topi as well. This cloth is worn by men and covers the head. People also wear it to be safe from direct sunlight. In marriages or ceremonies, men wear this topi to complete their attire and it looks extremely elegant.

  1. Waistcoat

Bandi is also known as Waistcoat. It is a sleeveless coat or jacket that men wear occasionally in Maharashtra. They wear shirts below Bandi or waistcoats. This coat is right for formal occasions, but in a hot environment, you need to think twice before wearing it.

Popular Foot Wears in Maharashtra

The men generally wear comfortable foot wears which is open.

People use leather to create most of their footwear. Barefoot is the footwear for women, but now sandals are replacements. Some rich people also wear boots and shoes specifically in cities. In the state, there are many variations in Chappals that people use.

Popular Festival and Occasions clothes in Maharashtra

Especially in Maharashtra, people wear what they like at festivals or occasions. There is no particular dress for everyone.

The clothes at festivals depend on various things like financial conditions as well as choice. But, men have that typical dress including a shirt and pajamas. In Maharashtra, males don’t have much variation in costumes. On the other side, women buy expensive saree on special occasions.

Other Costumes of Maharashtrian People

  1. Sadara: This is the costume for men. A shirt that has short or long sleeves is Sadara.
  2. Angarakha: Men wear the Angarkha over a kurta because it is coatlike overgarment.
  3. Pagadi: Different communities use different folding methods of the Pagadi or Pagota. This is mainly made up of twisted fabric which looks like rope.
  4. Shela: Women of Maharashtra wear this Shela over the shoulders. And, it is fabric that looks like a decorative scarf.
  5. Lungi: It is a cloth that contains checks all over the lungi and Koli men wears this to cover lower body.
  6. Girl Kids: A skirt and blouse, dress is worn by girl kids, which are called ‘Parkar Polka’.
  7. Boy Kids: The Sadara and Vijar are the costumes of small boys in Maharashtra.


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