Prepositional Vocabulary Set 11

Prepositional Vocabulary Set 11

Appropriate prepositions with nearest meaning:-

Very important prepositional use after various verbs and words with meanings. It is very useful the for the candidates giving competitive exams under Maharashtra Employment verbs and central Govt. Recruitments.

Words beginning with R

Words beginning with R

Race against: take part in a race.

Raft of: large number or amount.

Rage at: show violent anger.

Rail at/against: complain, protest or scold.

Rake about/around: search carefully.

Ramble on: wander in talk or writing.

Rant at: speak loudly or violently.

Rattle off: say or repeat something quickly and meaninglessly.

Rattle through: tell or repeat quickly.

Rave about: speak or write with admiration.

Rave at/Against: talk furiously.

Rebound on: put into new form.

Redolent of: smelling strongly of something.

Redound to: promote; contribute greatly.

Reel off: say or repeat rapidly.

Refrain from: keep oneself from doing something.

Regale with: amuse or entertain.

Rehash with: put ideas, etc, into new form.

Reincarnate in/as: bring back in another body.

Relegate to: put to a lower or less important rank or task.

Relevant to: connected with.

Relinquish to: give up; renounce; surrender.

Rely on/upon: count or depend on.

Remiss in: lax; careless.

Remorse for: sense of deep and bitter regret.

Renowned for/as: famous.

Repine at: fret; feel or show discontent.

Repugnant to: abhorrent.

Restrict to: put limit on.

Reticent about/on: reserved.

Rev up: cause engine to run quickly when starting car.

Revere for: feel deep respect.

Revolt against: rise in rebellion.

Reward for: give reward.

Rid of: make free from.

Rider to: additional remark following a statement, verdict, etc.

Rife with: full of something bad.

Rise above: be superior to.

Roam over: talk about various illegally.

Robe in: dress in a robe.

Romp in: win, succeed, etc. easily.

Root for: cheer; support.

Rope in: persuade somebody.

Round off: end or complete satisfactorily.

Rouse from: wake.

Rub off: remove by rubbing.

Ruminate about/on: ponder; think deeply.

Rummage about/around/through: turn things over while searching.

Run down: hit and knock to the ground.

Run off: reproduce copy or duplicate something.

Run up: make a garment quickly.

Run with: be covered with.

Rush through: cause something to become official policy very quickly.

Rustle up: prepare or provide somebody/something at short notice.